You know you have a few kids when…

You buy a 20 pound box of peaches to can them for winter….and you don’t can them immediately and all the sudden they are almost gone, in 2 days. Kyler kept opening the front door today to ask me for another ‘ball, no peel, please’. Four times over, this happened in the course of just a few hours:

Peach eating, serious business. He never cracked a smile. Just focused on loving the peach and smashing his face into it.



Oh Kyler!! He is seriously too cute 🙂

p.s. i love the new layout, but the font is REALLY hard to see!! it is so small!!! i think it would be tough for some people to read.


YAY….I can read it now!! Thanks.


I didn’t change anything, but I am glad you can read it!