Why use toast…

…when you could use a spoon and just eat the whole jar of raspberry jam while mama isn’t watching!

Two years ago we went crazy with berries and made so much jam that we couldn’t make any last year (freezer jam is best within a year) and we’re doing our part to use it all up before new berries are ready to be picked.  Audrey heard about the surplus and thought she’d just finish a jar!  Two years ago I discovered that there was a low-sugar pectin I could use, I tried it and though the recipe took twice the fruit, it used half the sugar.  So our jam was more like fruit spread.  It is a precious commodity in this house and nobody missed the sugar!

Can’t wait for summer and berry pickin’!



I love how sweet Audrey is; its like, maybe I’m supposed to not be doing this but really its OK right? I can’t WAIT for the berry picking…


Great picture!!