Why Daddy is our oak tree

Tuesday was Father’s Dad here since I was so sick this weekend…I think it was worth waiting for.  We spent the day working on it and we had a lot of fun.  In the morning we went to the huge flower store and found an oak tree.  That was the heart of our gift.  The only ones they carried were about 10 feet tall.  Uncle Buzz came with his truck and brought it home for us.  Then we set to work making a wall sized mural of an oak tree.  I cut out a bunch of little acorns and after the kids finished drawing the tree and bark and deep roots that are characteristic of oaks, they decorated acorns and glued them to the paper tree.  We all wrote cards too.  Each acorn on the tree had different traits of Daddy that each of us loves….like “Daddy is mighty”  or “Daddy does good work”.

The painting was Kyler’s favorite part

The watching was Audrey’s favorite part

Daddy reading his tree

Showing dad the tree

Our little oak!

Daddy reading cards



You are an amazing wife! What a wonderful celebration. I can’t believe how grown up Audrey looks.


Wow! What a great gift!! Your family is building such awesome memories!!!


So precious.