Whole wheat breakfast

At my friend Kristin’s house yesterday, while the kids ate lunch, she generously ground me some fresh flour. She promised it would taste like nothing we’d ever had and that I could make anything with whole wheat. Even things that before had turned out flat or heavy or icky. So today we started with waffles. Wow. I was not disappointed. The last batch of whole wheat waffles I made were barely edible. These were amazing. Kristin educated me about whole wheat and fresh flour-as one who grew up enjoying it. She said I have to keep it in the fridge so it stays fresh and that flour sold at the store is often rancid which is why it makes crummy bread. I never knew, just thought I was a really bad bread maker. So here is my flour (and a window into my slightly neurotic, labeled world):

And here is the recipe along with this mornings leftover waffles (mind you I doubled the recipe hoping for leftovers!):

Whole Wheat Oat Waffles

1 cup oats, blended into powder in blender
1 1/8 cup milk
3 T oil
3 eggs
Β½ cup whole wheat flour (fresh if possible-second best is whole wheat pastry flour)
1 T brown sugar
1 tsp baking powder (must be fresh)
ΒΌ tsp salt

In a blender, blend oats then add milk, oil and eggs. Then add brown sugar, baking powder and salt. Mix well. Add flour, blend. Let sit 5 minutes then cook on hot waffle iron.



mmmm…scrumptious….I’ll be at your house for breakfast tomorrow, first thing in the morning πŸ™‚


Oh, those DO look yummy. I’ll have to save that recipe to make for breakfast one these days!


they really look good and so fluffy!! wish i could have been there to enjoy them with you all πŸ™‚


What are those two bottles in front of the grapes? Are the UDO’s? I love, love that oil, but haven’t seen anything else made by UDO. Just wondering. And the waffles look awesome- if only i could find a waffle maker here in Oz! There isn’t one to be found.


Yes, those little bottles are UDO’s. Everything UDO that I’ve used is awesome. Audrey and I have battled yeast/thrush a lot so I take the highest potency probiotic UDO makes and give their infant probiotic to Audrey every day. It’s helped a lot. Good old Central Market carries quite a few things from that line! Did you know they are based in Lynden?


We had frozen whole wheat waffles for breakfast this morning – I love that the kids ask for them!!

Does your fridge ALWAYS look like that? Amazing. When your kids are all grown up you can tell me where you get those containers and how you manage it. πŸ™‚