Who said farmers wear pants?

While I’m really struggling to get my feet back on the ground after Thursdays ER trip,  my oh-so-unhappy kidneys and a body that is rebelling against me in a way it never has before…it’s life as normal for the rest of our household.  Daddy was gone before daylight hard at work.  Rylee and Caleb worked hours on homeschool today till their “heads were full”.  Audrey smiled at everyone.

And Kyler?  Well, upon hearing it was ‘too cold to play outside’ – far below freezing in fact precisely 24 degrees today, he set out to tend to the chickens anyway.

Yes, I did tell him it was cold after noting he only had a sweatshirt and underwear on.

Yes, I asked him to check out the door with his face before he decided if he should proceed.

He did check….”It’s just fine Mama!”.

He did make the decision to go but said thoughtfully-“I need boots!”.

He was gone about 10 minutes.

I peeked out and he was bent over picking up chickens, petting them, moving things around in their pen.  Happy as a clam.  He then went to check for eggs.  I had to pop around the house and snap a photo of what I knew would be a sight to behold.






I love it!!


That is way cute! I love how you let your kids have the freedom to make choices and therefor have fun.


SO funny. I love that kid!!