Who dun it?

It’s 9:30 at night.  The boys were put to bed 2 hours ago.  They are still awake though they shouldn’t be.  Their little heads have popped out of their rooms about 15 too many times tonight.  I give them one more stern “go to sleep please” and then head to my room with the baby who’s hungry.

Chris is on a late night long run.  I’m exhausted and ready for sleep.  Rylee is sleeping over at Nana’s.  Phineas gets what he needs and is about to be asleep in my arms when 3 kids burst in my door all talking at once:

Audrey went #2 in the potty!  No she didn’t!  I did, yes I did mama, I get a chocolate!

Just an hour ago I’d come home from the store with a brand new little potty for Audrey.  Really hoping to get a jump start on the whole potty training thing.  So if she’d figured it out this fast, I was thrilled.  But the accounts were all conflicting.  One by one they told me what they thought had happened.  By now baby Finn was wide eyed and listening to the action.  So much for sleep.

Audrey re-thought her statement and told me she hadn’t actually gone in it (she was still snug in her footie jammies which confirmed it had not been her).  She blurted out that it was Kyler.  He’s 5 and knows far better than that so I thought there was no way it was him.

By now I’m mildly amused and sure that the potty is empty and this is all a ploy to stay up later.

So I walk with all three in tow, and lo and behold the tiny potty is certainly full.

Now I figure someone is lying to me.  So I carefully ask each one who did it.  I explain there were only the three of them out there while I was in my room and it had to be one of them.

Not a word.  No confession just giggles and heads nodding no.

I am now baffled and laughing and its so late my sleuthing skills are seriously lacking.  I give up the inquiries and tuck them all in bed again.  But they are all riled up because there is a mystery at hand and they want to know the answer.

So do I.

My best assessment at this point is that it was the cat.  Our perfectly trained lovely sweet cat we’ve had for nearly 3 years.  Now I’m left picturing her using the pristine frog-shaped kid potty I just bought for her own kitty business and I can’t stop laughing.

I can’t toilet train my 3 year old child but the cat is another story…



Please teach me how to toliet train my cat!seriosuly cool!