What are your goals for 2009?


I have never been much of a “resolver” over the last few years, but I was inspired to set some goals for myself over the course of this year.  I am not going to be all legalistic about these goals, but I do think they are attainable so I am really going to go for it.  Hopefully I will remember to link back to this post at some point 6 months from now.  Can you believe that it will be 2009 in only 14 days?  Craziness.  Is it that I am 31 now?  Does the time really begin to fly once you start getting a significant amount of gray hair?  Either way, the new year is upon us.  What do you plan to make of it?

For 2009, I am working with these personal goals in mind:

1.  Two date nights with Karissa each month

2.  Work out twice a week

3.  Read two books a month

4.  Read through the bible in the year

5.  Pray regularly with Karissa for our kids

6.  Climb three mountains: Mt. Rainier (Gib Ledges), Mt. Daniel, and Mt. Baker