We’re home…

…from 5 days of camping in 100+ degree heat with 4 littles, one pregnant mama and one heat-loving dad in one teensy camping cabin.  It was priceless and we’re all a bit bummed to be back at home.  For some reason, the dirty, rustic, camp living suited us quite well.  I’m pretty sure it was the treat of having Daddy around non-stop for 5 whole DAYS.  We soaked up every minute and now he’s back to work this morning and I’m feeling the big post-vacation letdown.

I didn’t even bring my camera so no pictures to share – it was actually kind of nice to have no computer, phones, TV or any electronic anything for a while.  Life felt so calm and peaceful.

I’ll be back in the blogging mode soon but for today you can read my guest post on making time for intimacy-even during the baby years- over at Adding Zest if you’d like!