Welcome back Junior!


Along with thousands of other raving Mariner fans, I had the privilege of welcoming Ken Griffey Jr. back to Safeco Field for the first time as a Mariner since the 1999 season.  What a great day for baseball!  We could not have asked for anything better (except for parking).  Arriving at the ball park only a few minutes after it opened up was a bit of a mistake.  After driving around for a significant amount of time, we ended up paying to park in one of the lots close to the field.  Can you say opportunistic?  Wow.  Once we got into Safeco though, everything was forgotten and once again we were thrust into the gem that is baseball.  The sights, sounds, and smells were great to take in as we meandered around the park.  I stopped into the team store to price a Griffey jersey…yikes!  Not only were the prices outrageous but the lines were even worse.  Then we went down to the field to watch some bp and sat around throughout the opening day festivities.  When they announced #24 the crowd went bananas, this was only to be topped by his first at bat of the night, a line drive single hit in the right field gap.

A great night had by all.  We were treated to blue skies, sunshine, good baseball, Jr’s return, extra innings,  a mariners win, and memories to cherish.  From a fan that grew up watching you, thanks Jr.  How about the next time you are in town, we grab some Starbucks, my treat.

If you are interested in the game and Griffey’s comments regarding his return, read this story. Oh and thanks to FSN for the picture.



Hey, I was at the game too! I have to agree, seeing Griffey back was amazing. It was equally awesome to see the reception he got. From the cheers after his single you would have thought he hit a grand slam or something. Just about a perfect afternoon of baseball.


SO fun!! I am glad you guys had such a good time!! I still can’t believe I’ve only been to Safeco field once! I am always reminded of how much Gpa Sween complained about the new stadium….I miss him.


That sounds like so much fun. There is nothing better than a sunny day in Seattle!!!


Even I would have enjoyed an day like that – at least for the view!