We don’t keep score…


Here are the Sharks going through their pre-game warm-ups.
Here are the Sharks going through their pre-game warm-ups.

…but we are undefeated (1-0-1).  And if it weren’t for some heroic goal tending by the opposiing five year old, we would have two straight victories.  This year Rylee joined a soccer team for the first time.  She is having and blast and if you ask her what her favorite part about soccer is she will say “having my daddy as my coach.”  This of course is music to my ears.  


I did not sign up to be the coach, but when we got the email back to us letting us know that no one had volunteered, I decided to step up and coach.  It has been a great joy actually over these last two weeks.  We have one practice a week and then a game on Saturday.  Teaching five year olds how to play soccer is super fun.  

Some of you know that I had surgery recently…nothing exciting, just a simple laproscopic hernia repair.  I was laid flat for a few days and then severely hampered for about a week.  I am doing much better now thank you.  However, Rylee’s first soccer game was three days after the surgery.  I knew that I could not miss that game, so I decided to pop a couple percocet and see what would happen.  What I hoped would not happen would me passing out from pain or drug overdose.  As it turned out, our team went on to a 6-0 victory…but we don’t keep score.  

Action Shot!

It has been a blast, but of course the best part of the deal is I get to have an on the field view of my sweet five year old daughter having fun and gaining confidence playing soccer, a game I have always loved.  Here is a picture of Rylee in action!

Go Sharks!




Yea Team! High-five Rylee!!!


That is SO cute. I am so glad she is starting a sport at a young age. You are a rockstar with the blog posting. There is a new one like everyday!! I have peds lab tomorrow, so I’ll bring my camera and try and get some fun pictures. Love you guys.


Hooray, what a great post, and what a wonderful memory for you and Rylee!