We are ready…

…for the chickens.

Our sweet friend Justin made a long drive down south to come spend a very long day with us building us a chicken coop. He and Christopher worked nearly 12 hours with a great deal of ‘help’ from our oldest three children.


The kids are totally ready too.  All day long we hear chickens.  Even little Kyler is getting it down – baak, baaahhk, baak!  Very fun.  The games have totally shifted as well, now everything is chicken-centric.  Today it was who gets to be in the coop laying the eggs and then one of the chickens was a runaway chicken the chicken farmer had to chase down.  You really need to see them inside the coop pretending to be chickens, it really is too much.  Very fun indeed and the little chicks are not even here yet.  I can’t imagine what will transpire once the much desired chicks actually arrive.  The week of April 13th will be one where we are anxiously awaiting the call from the Post Office – “Is this Christopher and Karissa Strovas?  Yes?  You need to come down to the post office right away and collect this box of chickens.”  That will be a glorious day.  The video camera is all charged up ready to capture that moment for sure.  We don’t know what day they will arrive, but it is supposed be anytime during the week of the 13th.  We will keep you posted for sure!



That is a beautiful coop,you will have soem happy chickens, and everyone knows that happy chickens lay lots of eggs. Very cool!

Liz Godwin

Chickens? Is this for eggs or meat? What will you do with all the feathers? Humm. Are you concerned that things will be flying south really soon?


Oh my gosh!! That is too cute. I can’t believe how big and nice it is…no wonder it took them 12 hours!!


Wow, FANCY! So beautiful–I have been waiting to see it! Love the stories about the kids…next week is going to be a very big week in your life 🙂 We got ours at 7am Monday morning last time….here’s hoping!


Yes, it really is lovely. Did you have to pick yours up at the post office? And I want to paint the coop, can I just use exterior house paint for it? And I want to find a sign for the nest door that says ‘fresh eggs’! And I want to decorate their little door too….can you tell I’m excited? Chickens first then the garden planning, trying not to overwhelm myself, so glad spring is on it’s way!!!


Hey, I know…we’ll keep the chickens in the winter and send them back up to you in the summer!!!! What a nice home for the chickens.


Yup, we had to get them at the Post Office….well, my friend Jill did, bc she placed the order…but we had to race to her house to pick ours up (I think she was back home by 7:20)! Justin actually went and got them before even going to work that day. Love all your plans for the coop–I’m sure house paint is fine–so fun! I actually sat outside and weeded flower beds today!