Watching life unfold

These little spider babies just hatched this morning on our playset outside.  I could watch them all day.  Flying in the wind, spinning thread and leaving their little home – just like the Charlotte’s Web story that always makes me cry.

Even more excited than spider-watching we have had the adventure of a baby robin nest in the front yard with newly hatched babies that have been knocked out of their nest by crows and aren’t old enough to fly yet.  With our neighbors, we’ve been trying to help them survive long enough to fly away on their own…this is particularly special for me as I have the fondest memories from my childhood rescuing birds with my mother.  We had large glass windows that birds often would fly into and get stunned and they would rest in our bird cage until they could fly again.  So bird-helping is in my blood I’m quite sure.  It was only natural that we would do the same with these cute little fellows…

Maybe it sounds cliche but the words of that song by Sarah McLachlan come to mind watching all the spring signs of new life unfolding –

Isn’t it remarkable?
Like every time a raindrop falls
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

Birds in winter have their fling
And always make it home by spring
It’s just another ordinary miracle today

It is these ordinary miracles that propel our life forward as we continue to figure out how life looks without someone we love.   Despite hearts that are still broken we have a daily choice to see the remarkable in our everyday or to miss it.



Such sweet pics!! It is TOTALLY in our Sween blood to rescue birds and other animals! Can’t believe that little one passed away in our hands tonight. Poor thing.


It is sad to say that in Redmond all our landings were too hard from the windows; we had no survivors, except for the robin that built eye high in an evergreen. Jerry just slipped a baby back in nest and life went on…we peeked each day for several days and then the nest was empty.


Those were great memories especially little Bandit – the cedar waxwing. I confess that bird rescuing has continued even after my own little birds flew from the home nest. It just seems to be a reminder that life is sacred and a gift from God in any form.