Valentine’s Day

We went to Grammy’s house to share some love on Valentine’s Day…we decorated cookies and ate lots of frosting.

Audrey must have gotten 6 refills of frosting on her one cookie – all it took was a smile  and “mo” (more)

It was the first time we’ve been over at Grammy and Grampy’s since all the people are gone (except Aunt Pam).  It was back to normal but not then not really normal at all.   No Grampy.  So strange and still so sad.

I kept feeling like he should come around a corner and squeeze my shoulders and kiss me on the cheek like he does.  And tickle the kids running down the hall.

But he isn’t here and the pain is still so raw.



SO glad you all went to hang out! Such cute pics. It is still so fresh and so very sad. Love you!!