Valentines Day Fun


Happy Valentines Day everyone!  We have been talking about what love means all week with our kids.  In fact, at the beginning of the week, Karissa painted the tree that you see pictured here – “The Tree of Love.”  Each time the kids did something loving toward one another, we would write what they did on a heart and put it on the tree.  Things like “Caleb encouraged Kyler and told him that he was a great treasure” or “Rylee encouraged Caleb while he worked” were the types of things that made it to the Tree of Love.

This morning, to kick off the valentines celebration, Karissa put together a great scavenger hunt for the three big kids to do.  She wrote up clues and put them around the house.  It was fun watching their little minds think through the clues and figure out what is “big, green, has wheels, and stays out side.”  They had a great time and enjoyed the balloons and fun things they got in their valentines bag.


Tonight, we have the pleasure of watching little Isaac while his mama and daddy go on a date.  They watched our four while we went out the other night and so now it is our turn to watch their little one.  It is always fun having Isaac over because our kids just enjoy his company so much.  And now that he is crawling, it should be extra fun for everyone!  Perhaps Audrey will be inspired by her younger cousin to ditch the army crawl for good and go with the full crawl.  Our Valentines Day has been delightful so far and we wish the same for yours!



Happy Valentine’s Day!! Love the tree of love…cool idea!


We are babysitting our friends kids as I type – ha! Tom is with them all while I cleaned the kitchen and doesn’t know I sneaked onto the internet. I LOVE your tree of love – what a fun, creative idea to help us all learn to be kinder. Better go see what the 5 kids are doing…


The tree has been filled up a bit more lately 🙂