Ups and downs

After two great days of school and lots of school excitement, we struggled through two days of a sick daddy at home and didn’t get much of anything done. Here are some pictures of our ‘ups’ this week:

Caleb in his groove during our music time

Artist number 1

Artist number 2

Artist number 3

This picture sums up all of our time spent homeschooling so far…Kyler wanting to be right in the middle of anything and everything his older brother and sister are doing. This will be one of my greatest challenges of the year. Learning to embrace his curiosity and intense desire to be included and allow him to soak up what I am doing with Rylee and Caleb. He already, in the past few days has learned to identify 4 colors, count things (one, two, three) along with dozens of new words from mimicking his siblings and me. I am amazed.

Lastly, my brave sister who after already undergoing a 26 hour labor that ended in a c-section, had to have gallbladder surgery this week as well. The fruit of her labor?

As if he’s not cute enough all by himself, here is him AND his darling cousin Audrey on our grass this evening:

My fav of Audrey from tonight…

Okay, so I lied when I said ‘lastly’ earlier. If you wonder why we have so very many pictures up on our blog, it’s mostly because my little sister Stephanie is in school in Nashville and I know seeing pictures helps her feels more ‘in the loop’ and if I were her, I would want to see lots of pictures too. Posting them here is easier than me mailing them to her….plus, rumor has it my grandma reads our blog in Virginia too (but she’ll be here soon to see her “great-grands” as she calls them, in person in just a few weeks!). This last pic is as close as we’ve been to capturing the 4 together, note Caleb’s hand moving so fast it’s blurry-he’s got a fist full of grass and just after I snapped this, he covered Audrey’s nearly bald little head with it.



LOVE all the pics, keep them coming! It helps all of us out-of-towners feel like we are not so far away 🙂


Oh my goodness!!! The artists have some mad skills. Their auntie would love to display some of their masterpieces on her fridge 🙂 I cannot believe how big Isaac is….makes me wish I was home. They all grow so, so fast. I want a copy of the one of him and Audrey- it is precious. I love that they are so close in age. It’s so fun. My blog has finally been updated and I think it was worth the wait. All I can say is that we didn’t get a lot done at work today, but considering all we did yesterday (saving a life and all), I think that’s okay!! Love and miss you all so much.


Tell me more about the PEGS chart! I love the idea. I like to hold out for tried and true methods. Do you still like it after day 1? Where did you get it? Thanks! Julia