Two girls in pink

Here are some pics of the girls in matching dresses (thanks Robyn!) in our yard!

It is a tad bit sad but when Rylee complained of back pain yesterday I realized that the days of her walking around and holding Audrey are coming to a close. At almost 13 pounds, Audrey is no lightweight for her still only 5 year old sister. I have tried hard to say yes nearly every time Rylee has asked to hold Audrey, knowing all to well how fast it goes and how quickly Audrey will be running all over the house after her siblings. These early, ‘newborn’ days are almost over and it has been a treasure beyond my imagination to watch Rylee love her baby sister.



The girls are beautiful in pink. So sweet of Mom to dress them up and get the Kodak moment for
us all to see!


Oh my goodness they are the cutest kids I have ever seen! Its so true how fast they grow up. I’m excited to come see them on saturday!


They are so beautiful. Rylee told me last night that her back hurt…I didn’t think it was because of Audrey!! 🙂