Trick or Treat!

This was the first year that our kids skipped the Harvest Carnival scene for a door to door adventure.  With a Red Hot Chili Pepper, Dwight, Smoke the Nascar Driver, and Pam 6.0 we were off and running.  (By the way, if you don’t get the Dwight and Pam 6.0 references you might want to rent the first season of The Office).  It was a great night; the weather cooperated, the stew was good, and the kids had a great time with their cousin (a peelable banana).  Oh, and I got some candy too so that was fun (I guess dressing up as a surgeon was worth a bit of candy).  Thanks to Stephanie for the gear to make it fully legit.  Oh and Karissa dressed up too but you will have to ask her what she was.  Here are some of the pictures from our first Halloween with four kiddos.


Here are the babies
Here are the babies
Question. Do I resemble Dwight? Yes. False. I AM Dwight.


A candid moment with Dwight
A candid moment with Dwight


Nascar Driver
Nascar Driver


Pam 6.0
Pam Beesly 6.0



Okay, so the picture of my gorgeous husband in his scrubs does NO justice at all, bad lighting, seriously-it’s a darn good thing he’s not a real surgeon and doesn’t wear those scrubs every day…we’d have 8 kids by now instead of 4!


Yah that is a good thing cuz I dont think I would be able to handle 8 kids babysitting. 🙂

And Kyler’s costume is awesome! Oh my goodness he is soo cute! And the other kids looked great as well!

Karissa what did you dress up as?


nice comment karissa!! that is HILARIOUS. i am still trying to score myself a surgeon…who knows 😉 this is probably my favorite blog post EVER. i laughed SO hard when i saw the pics of kyler/dwight. WOW. i am without words. love pam 6.0! the nascar driver was awesome. i am so glad i could supply some of the required gear for the surgeon! the strawberry and banana costumes were adorable!! it was so hard to see them on skype last night. so cute seeing them right next to each other.
so, karissa…what were you? all i saw last night was you in a dress, i think.


Way to dress your kids up in totally awesome costumes. A hundred parent points to each of you.


Nice. A real life McDreamy 🙂 Kyler looked so flipping cute and just like Dwight! I love it. They all looked awesome- wish we could have seen them in real life 🙂

So Karissa- what were you?


GREAT costumes! Definitely want to hear about yours Karissa!


If you all must know, I was the hot surgeon’s girlfriend-of-the-week…you know the type, black lace trimmed animal print satin tunic with tight jeans (oh wait, everything I own is still tight, but I was in ‘costume’ right?)and black spiky heals and a lipstick called “Craving”.


I am taking Kyler home with me…