Today’s beauty

Beauty is the sound of Rylee’s shrieking voice echoing through the coffee shop tonight while on a date with me as she held up her finished page-covered with pictures of her and her sister. She has her very own ‘sister’ photo album/scrapbook and she is incredibly proud of it.

Beauty is watching Caleb do “this-little-piggy” with Audrey’s toes and hearing his new version, which tells that piggy #3 goes to Lowe’s (home improvement store).

Beauty is the fervor that Kyler has as he tries to pick up Audrey by her shirt nearly every time he is near her-“Hold Audie me” he explains in fluent two-year-old speak.

Beauty is the tears streaming down my face as Rylee shows her Daddy the page in her scrapbook that holds a picture of him. He reads the words out loud (the words she dictated carefully to me to write). I know someday she might not think he hung the moon, but today she does.

Beauty is the sweet, hard working young adult from Chris’ Young Adult group at church who heard about our rancid bathroom odor problem, was willing to come take a look and now has spent hours ripping up wet, nasty smelling flooring, taking out our mold-filled toilet all the while very patiently answering the questions of my ever-so-curious children and being able to work with a 4 year old in only superman underwear staring at his every move.



oh my sweet sister — you are amazing for making it thru all the stresses of life. i love that you can see the beauty in the midst of the mess. i love you.