To be young again

I’m not sure when we start to feel things like cold differently but I remember not caring about being freezing when I was little and now, I’m a wimp.  Yesterday while making dinner, holding Audrey and talking to my sister briefly on the phone, I saw Caleb walk out onto the deck.  He said he wanted to throw some snowballs at me through the slider.  Noticing he was completely without clothes except some Nascar underwear, I figured he’d come back in.  I’m a big fan of reality doing the teaching instead of me whenever possible.  He started piling up snow on the deck.  Completely un-bothered by the lack of clothes.  In 40 degree cold.


Fast forward a few minutes, Rylee and Kyler (dressed) are out with him, he runs in and says “Wow, my hands are cold, I need some gloves!”  I’m smiling, thinking really, is that all?  He gets gloves and mismatched shoes while he’s in, hops right back outside.  I am giggling watching all that skin and little buns that say “Nascar” scurry around my deck outside.  Rylee decides everyone needs hats, it is cold after all.  So she comes in and gets them all one….sun hats at first then a fleece one for Caleb.  I won’t tell you how long he was deliriously happy to play out there, lest you judge me and my mothering ways!  Just be amused with me, it really was too fun.  It was my first big smile and laugh of the whole day and exactly what I needed.





My boys would be naked all the time if they had their way, no matter the weather! Silly kids


I love it!!! Definitely won’t judge your mothering ways. Our kids were all outside at least twice in their jammies running around in the snow – but almost naked – too funny!!


ROTFLOL TOTALLY MY KIDS! My son walked next door to our neighbors to “find Daddy”. They live about an acre away and he went with no shoes or socks, short sleeves and smile and it was in the 40’s! Oh, and he HATES underwear now too. He’s likes to, ahem, go natural!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! And the glove part, that’s just classic. Sigh, the child’s mind. It’s cold, I have nothing but underwear on but gotta keep those hands warm :o).


Awesome. Just plain awesome.


that makes me laugh! I love boys!