Time for lovely

Yesterday afternoon the boys were playing and the girls asked to have a tea party.  Rylee found a little pad of paper and wrote down their order and handed it to me.  Usually she runs her own tea party but this time she wanted to be waited on.  I could have told her I wasn’t a waitress (it’s been said before!) but instead I told them to wait at their table.  I donned my grandma’s old ruffled apron and rummaged around finding snacks and crystal bowls (that haven’t been used in years) and my wedding china.

It was the end of the week so options were slim for food but I decided it was more about presentation.  Rice crackers in a beautiful glass dish with a lid would be perfect.  I used the tray they’d set out for me and filled it up with fun things.

Oh their delight when they saw me in my apron at their door with a tray full of love!

It doesn’t come natural to me, this slowing down, but oh the sweetness that comes when I do.  And my goodness are children ever so good at helping me practice this discipline!



Oh I just love this!! I’m taking a deep breathe just thinking of soaking up these moments rather than doing something “more” productive (which I pick too often). I just had a cuddle on the couch with Elise for, oh, TWO whole minutes, and I almost said no, its bedtime… those smiles on your girls faces say it all!


These are the kind of memories I so badly want my children to have too! Not the mommy who is always to “busy” to play. It can be difficult to slow down and enjoy the moment when there are so many other responsibilities. Funny thing is though, the laundry and dishes really couldn’t care less if I did them now or later!

Have a great weekend!