This sweet girl?

Who, me?
Who, me?

You wouldn’t think that this sweet little girl would scream through the whole night would you?  If you knew that she had an ear infection in both ears (one eardrum was perforated as it had ruptured in the night) you might have a different opinion.  Karissa and I were grateful to find out today that Audrey’s fever, pain, and restlessness had nothing to do with her kidneys.  However, anytime your baby is hurting it is hard on everyone, but especially mama.  I love how Karissa so lovingly nurtures all of our children especially when they are sick.  She has an amazing amount of grace, mercy, love, and energy for our children when they are hurting.  I am so grateful she is the mother of my babies!



Aww….poor little thing!! I am so glad she is feeling better.


Oh thats so sad! Ear infections are not fun. Hope she is feeling better! Have a great Sunday!


Oh, so sweet! Poor little baby…though I am so thankful too that it is “just” her ears! Cole had a ruptured drum once…he was crying in bed and I went in and found him bleeding from the ear….I was distraught until I realized what had happened! Sending lots of love your way…and a double shot of grace for your lovely bride!