Things I learned at the aquarium

Today’s trip downtown to the aquarium was my most ambitious adventure thus far with four children 5 and under. Here’s what I learned today:

1. Putting my boys in matching bright orange shirts was a brilliant plan but when they disappear around a dark corner in search of sharks, I still can’t see them.

2. When Caleb says he has to ‘go potty right now’. He means, right now.

3. Breastfeeding on an open-backed bench, while trying to keep my eyes on the other children, even while using my darling hooter hider, is difficult. Not everything remained ‘hidden’.

4. When I tell myself, ‘we need to leave by 1:00’, then let us stay till 1:30-I am signing up for a major meltdown in the car with gum getting spit at me and crying in the carseat and a book getting ripped in half (not by the kids, by me). Going with my initial gut feeling, and leaving while I was still moderately in control, would have been good.

5. Next time when we see a homeless lady on the side of the intersection and the kids ask about her and I explain (more than likely) what her situation is and they ask me why don’t I help her and why can’t she come stay at our house for a few day-in addition to praying for her (as we did), I will give her the bottle of water, the nice sandwich leftover from lunch and whatever small cash I might have with me as we wait at the stop light right where she stands. However cynical some might be tempted to be in this scenario, chances are my life is still a great deal more privileged than hers and I ache to be one who instinctively demonstrates God’s grace and love to others as my children watch my every move.

6. I probably won’t go to the aquarium again without my husband, it was quite a challenge.

7. My kids had a fantastic time, despite the ‘challenge’. They have absolutely no idea that I stayed up till midnight last night trying to get as prepared as possible, packing food, supplies, getting clothes laid out, cleaning out the van….



Oh, you are so, super cool! We went on the bus downtown today and I thought THAT was complicated! You get the gold star. Been thinking of Christopher all day today; hope you guys had a great day!!


You are seriously a rockstar!! It was so fun to hear Caleb tell me all about his experience and how much fun he had! Wish I had been there to go with you….maybe at Christmas! Love you so much.


I am cracking up! Feeling challenged by your comments about the homeless lady – you are so right about our privileges.