The truth about life

is that it is a gift.

If you’ve read our blog or known us personally for long, you already know how we feel about this whole thing.  But in case you haven’t, let me just share a little sliver of my heart on the matter.

It started with my sister’s and I rescuing animals of all kind and condition.  It grew when my parents opened our home to pregnant, unwed mothers who had nowhere to live because of their situation.  That taught me that even unplanned, undesired life in the womb could be valued and cherished.  It continued when I had the privilege of sitting with and washing socks for my elderly grandparents as they aged and their bodies failed.  I learned they were still to be valued and cherished even though they could do little more than eat, sleep and talk.

When we married young, it felt reasonable to implement a ‘five year baby plan’.   It seemed like everyone else did the same thing.  We felt pretty confident that we knew what was best for us in this department.  We sought God’s leadership in our life and did our best to follow.  We poured our life and energy into junior high students and loved it.

As year passed and babies came, something shifted in both of our hearts.  We realized were seeking God’s provision, blessing and direction but we wanted it on our terms.  It was easy to couch things in religious language and make it sound spiritual when really we just wanted what we wanted.   Most people we knew operated the same way.

We let go.  We said yes to God’s way of providing for and blessing our family.  It did not and still doesn’t look just like we imagined.  But we’re learning that our yes to life is the road we want to walk together.  Not just the life of children, but life in all forms.

We can breathe life through our actions, our attitude and words to others.  We can share life through opening our home, taking care of someone or by meeting some felt need.  We can marvel at baby kittens moving around in our mama cat’s belly and shriek as we watch butterflies crawl out of their chrysalis’.

We can embrace life for the absolute miracle and treasure it is.  This year more than any other we understand how quickly life can change or vanish.  The worn out phrase really is true, each day is a gift.

Next February we will welcome the next permanent guest at our “table for six” and our hearts could not be more full of joy!





And we could not be more full of joy either! What a precious gift each life is. It is such a delight to watch each of you girls develop in your own unique ways and follow what God has called you to do and be.


So happy for all of you!


COngrats Karissa and Chris!We have been praying for you all and this next little blessing. We couldnt be happier for your family!!!


That is wonderful news! Congrats!


yay!!! Congratulations! I knew something was a brewing with all this new born talk lately on the blog!! Blessings to you all!

Julie Z

Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing this great news in such a beautiful way!!! Blessings to you!



Vicki Carlson

Congratulations Strovas family. What a joy to add to your family a 5th unique and wonderfully created gift from God. How we love our large family and how confident I am that this child is privileged to be joining your loving family. Sigh…. I am so happy for you all.


How very exciting! Another Strovas baby to hold!! I’m very happy for this new life.


Beautiful news! I had an inkling when I read your last gratitude list and one of the things was a secret well kept! Not sure if that was what you meant but I wondered…:) Congrats!! So happy for you all!


Yay, more cousins!!! Can’t wait to meet him/her and so glad Ruby will have a playmate.

Jon Sween

We are absolutely delighted. Our grandkids are such a joy and the more the better. Love how God uses your blog to bless many people.


Grammy was guessing and wondering;
hoping to learn soon; it was so exciting to open the letter from little #5! Love you, loving yours.


I’m with Grammy– it was precious to open the card!! It’s still sitting on my bedside table and I smile each time I see it. SO EXCITED!!


Congrats Strovas Family!


YEA!!!! Congratulations!!!! -Sadie and Jeremy