The little things I love

What is it about olives and holidays?  Kids don’t even need to be taught this, it just seems to happen…I love it!

This smile.  A big sister that dotes on her little sister.

A sister that lets her big sister dress her in way too big princess clothes “Just because she’ll look so beautiful Mama!”.

A freezing cold walk on a hazy but not rainy winter day.

Catching grins from kids as they breathed in fresh, cold air.

Beautiful, matching, hand-plied-cashmere knit hats from an uber-talented knitter friend in Idaho!

Getting a grandparent/grandchildren photo is harder than it looks.  The two little ones would only sit while holding (and sucking) on ice.  The Kyler was not at all impressed with the whole ordeal.  And Caleb?  His face looks as if he’s about to puke all over everyone!  Hope someone got a better shot that I did for the Christmas card photo…

And a side note (from my mother who was concerned that she might be low on ‘special Christmas mugs’ for each of the grandchildren):

“I went to Michaels and bought more, just to be sure I had enough.  Then I unpacked boxes and found that I had more than I thought.  I now have ELEVEN mugs!!!  So you can have lots more kids and they’ll still be plenty mugs for everyone!”

I love my mom.



Umm…that’s a LOT of grandkids. Todd? Danielle? Steph?

Kristin McKinnon

Love the snow! Great pictures – what smiles. Hey, there’s always triplets!


By the way…nice job capturing the beautiful blues of Caleb.


Um, let’s work on the husband for me first, k? 😉 That pic of Caleb totally reminds me of Christmas Eve dinner at Grandma Sween’s and how we always put olives on our fingers!! Sweet memories!


I love the snow, too!