The list

No, not the Christmas list or the to-do list or any other of the many ‘lists’ floating in my head right now.  Just this one…its been a long few days holding down the fort while my hubby is across the country with his best friend to run their first marathon.  I told him “I’m running a marathon too, mine ends when you fly home!”.  My first stint without him overnight this many days since Finn was born in February.

#532 – family to help share the load, taking kids to help rake leaves or kids over for slumber parties…all so wonderful

#533 – eggnog

#534 – the way they ask me to pray for them before they go to sleep

#535 – someone telling me that knowing my momentous regrets has helped shape the choices they’ve made…how He doesn’t waste anything

#536 – dreams so vivid and bright that the lines between sleep and awake are blurry

#537 – darling old ladies from the nursing home on a visit to our favorite ice cream shop

#538 –  being comfortable enough in my skin to simply kneel down next to them, total strangers, and hold baby Finn so he would smile at them, chatting with them about babies and life while they sat in their wheelchairs

#539 – whispering to Finn “You made their day!” and knowing that he truly had

#540 – the way the kids cluster around my legs while we worship together at church every Sunday

#541 – laundry baseball

#542 – a house that is standing

#543 – a wonder-filled field trip to the science center downtown

#544 – someone challenging my thinking

#545 – watching God work in my husbands’ heart

#546 – how much better God does working on hearts than I do

#547 – nightly haggen daz coffee almond bars

#548 – pumpkin scones

#549 – children in the church class I taught recently and their perspective – on Thanksgiving – “Well, I don’t know, I really don’t like it that much….we just seem to eat the same food every time.  And then we eat it, again and again and again.  For days we eat it!  I really don’t like that.”

#550 – finding awesome books at the goodwill



I love this joyfiled list. Thank you. Popped over from Ann’s blog.. it made me happy! God bless you on Thanksgiving!