The list continues…

#139 – surviving a wicked ‘crash’ from a 5 day sugar high

#140 – realizing I don’t live a daily high/low dependence on sugar anymore…it’s only taken 5 months

#141 – the first 5 days straight we’ve spent with Daddy in almost 2 years

#142 – last minute bringing our AC unit on our ‘camping’ cabin adventure, it was 105 where we were!

#143 – the bliss of sleeping in one tiny room with 4 small kids for 5 days

#144 – learning again that less is more, simple leaves more room to enjoy life

#145 – heart pain and tears shed when Daddy had to go back to work

#146 – how sweet it is to miss someone that you live everyday with

#147 – treasuring each day of summer despite it passing too fast

#148 – freshly picked fruit

#149 – naptime

#150 – a scrumptious new niece who’s won all our hearts

#151 – courage to go through more of Chris’ dad’s things

#152 – tears mixed in with laughter and stories

#153 – the constant learning of silence and when to say nothing

#154 – grace for myself after completely falling off the exercise bandwagon

#155 – being totally blessed by another mama’s offer to watch my 4 kids (and her 4 kids) for 4 hours

#156 – a huge box of amazing books for our upcoming homeschool year

#157 – fuzzy baby kittens

#158 – redemption and all that God can do with the mess I make of life some days

#159 – being able to weep with someone and bear a piece of their pain