The laundry line…

…has covered Antarctica and most of Australia and the southern parts of South America and Africa.

If it gets up to the Middle East or Central America I may just retire from laundry altogether.

You see clean laundry goes on the red couch.  Not on the floor that is more often covered with black dog fur from our beloved Maggie.  Definitely not on  the floor.

The red couch is below the National Geographic map of the world that hangs on the wall.  As the map gets covered, I somehow become less able to regain control of the extreme lack of ability I seem to have at getting clean clothes from the dryer to the dresser.   That step just isn’t something I’m doing well now or in the past year…or two.

This picture is from a couple weeks ago 🙂

We are still on board with our “get the house in relative order before we go to sleep every night” plan that we implemented in September.  And it helps a lot.  But somehow I think we both prefer to turn a blind eye to the disappearing map.

Perhaps less clothes is the answer.  3 pairs of pants, shirts, undies, socks, etc for each person.  Maybe that’s the trick?

I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

Heading into the holiday season, I want to be relaxed enough to not miss the little opportunities that come our way to enjoy each other and celebrate.  I want to listen.  I want to laugh together and delight in all that is beautiful and lovely.  I want to remember to share and to give in the midst of it all.

I want to treasure the memories as they’re being made even if we’re wearing wrinkled clothes from the laundry pile while we’re making them.



Oh my gosh, your couch looks like a rocking chair in the corner of our bedroom! Except, it’s nowhere near as wide so we have Mt. Hood right now and if it makes it to Mt. Everest in size, I think I’ll retire too!

I too often think that less clothes in the answer but my philosophy is much like Scarlett O’Hara’s in Gone With the Wind- “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.” :o)


Oh Karissa, you need my mother in law. I wish i could loan her out 🙂 she does all my laundry every week. Hang dry on the line, iron, fold and put away. She’s my hero. I would totally retire too if i had all that laundry 🙂


I will happily hang out with any of the Strovas clan, wrinkly clothes and all 🙂

Kristin McKinnon

You are no worse off than me. I usually get my clothes folded before the pile gets that big, but then they hang out on the couch, in a laundry basket, or on top of a dresser somewhere. I can’t seem to get the clothes into the right dressers so nobody can find their clean clothes. At least your family has ONE spot to look in!!! (Judi your mother-in-law sounds amazing!)
So then I keep wondering, why do I have trouble getting it done? 150 years ago I would be washing by hand, and my mother had to hang all our clothes to dry when we were in cloth diapers. Sigh. Well, your laundry pile is colorful!!