The latest on Audrey

Well, it looks like a 2 night stay for Audrey at Evergreen.  The good folks there think it would be best for her to remain on the IV fluids and also get one more round of IV antibiotics over night.  Audrey is a long ways away from being able to eat enough to get the green light to go home.  She needs to get to about 24 oz. in a 24 hr. period and today she got to 10.  The tests on her urine came back faster than usual because of how bad the infection in her kidney was.  We are also waiting for the results from her blood work to rule out any spreading of infection into her blood stream.  However, the nurse said that becasause Audrey is not acting too sick, any spreading of the infection is highly unlikely.  So, it looks like Karissa and I will be spending the night with Audrey tonight.  Although we will be in the room, I am not sure how much sleep we will actually get.  The three big kids get to stay at home and sleep in their beds, so that is good.  Karissa and I are grateful for all the support and prayers we have received.  You guys are amazing!  Read this and that for all the Audrey news.




Hi all, I know we havent connected since grade school but if you all need anything please let me know. I would love to bring some dinners or lunches over for you all. And we too eat unprocessed, organic, dairey free food!:)
Still praying for that sweet baby girl.

Zach and Cori

Hey guys. We’re praying also. So sorry you have to deal with this, I know it’s very hard. May you find rest and peace in the Lord and may He continue to bless your family as only He knows best how. Not only in this, but in all of life.


Glad to hear she is slowly getting better. I will continue to pray. Love you all.

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