The joy of homeschooling…

…is that we get to do a lot of hands of learning.  And our days are flexible.  So when my friend Holly invited us to come play today and help with chores around her farm, we were delighted to be able to say yes.  She breeds and sells puppies and the kids got to play in the yard with the puppies while they got some playtime.  I’m quite sure the kids enjoyed it as much or more than the puppies.

Audrey learned that puppies quickly go from this:

audie & pup

To this:

Audie & pups

And that she could do this:

audie picking puppy

But that someone would swiftly do this:

a day at the farm 021

And after puppy time, we learned about caring for horses.  And what all the different brushes are for.  And we got Trusty all cleaned up and ready to work.

rylee and holly
horse tools
audrey and tools
brushing Trusty
kyler working

Then we watched and listened as Holly showed us all the parts and straps the go on so that Trusty can pull a cart.  Rylee took it all in and though she looks serious in all these pictures, she truly was in heaven.  The girls lives and breathes animals.

learning about bridles

Once the cart was on, everyone jumped in their seat for a ride.  They had such a great time!

4 riding
four from behind

Audrey took a hammock break after she was done sitting in the cart:

audie in the cart
audie in hammock

Caleb isn’t in most of these pictures, he was very content to jump on the trampoline or to use the horse whip to obtain pinecones from the trees.  He is so happy in places like this where he can explore and roam freely.

We also watched the hay truck come and set up their conveyer belt to transport 5 tons of hay into the top of the barn.  Very impressive.

learning about hay

We fed treats to the horses and the kids loved the feeling of their lips on their little hands.

feeding horse

We found more puppies in the barn and though the pics aren’t as good, Rylee is in pure bliss in case you can’t tell.

rylee and more puppies

What a fun day!  Here are a few more since I’m already way overboard with the pictures, who’s counting?!!!

kyler pups
rylee & pups 1
Kyler & puppy
holly and audie

The last time we explored the Kohls farm was in February for Rylee’s birthday, that post ended with a picture of Holly and Audrey too.  My how time passes quickly and definitely not content to sit in the grass anymore, Audrey was walking all over the place for hours today!



Oh, my, you got some spectacular photos! What a special time.


Looks like so much fun!! Can you homeschool me, too?? LOVE all the pictures.


Loved this post! I too homeschool and you captured the flexibility and joy all at once.