The joy of creating

In this stage of mom life many things get started, few are finished and much of life requires doing the same things over and over and over again.  Pondering this and also wanting to be as economical and thrifty as possible for the holidays, I decided to host a mom craft morning.  Four uninterrupted kid-free hours, a sewing machine, all our collective ideas and supplies and plenty of food!  Not only did we have a delightful time with one another, it felt wonderful to make some lovely things that we can give as gifts for Christmas.

When your days consist of diapers, discipline and dishes it is, in my opinion and experience, extremely important for survival to have time set aside that fills your cup and allows you a break from regular life.  I believe that ‘regular life’ is profoundly important and valuable and that pouring out my life for my family and others is the way I want to live.  Investing in the lives of my children is exactly how I want to spend my days.  But I also think it’s my job to find ways to step back and intentionally take care of myself so that I can do my primary job with excellence.

With that said, in the midst of a week of unusually out of control behavior from one child and more than normal busy days, here is my continuing list of gratitude:

#312 – time to create and craft

#313 – beautiful things

#314 – slipper socks

#315 – first dentist visit in 3 years…the feel of clean teeth!

#316 – pulling out sunscreen in November

#317 – hot pink toes ready for sand

#318 – tears poured out on behalf of a child

#319 – a husband willing to take 4 kids out for 4 hours

#320 – being ready to go back to church after…a very long time

#321 – hearing my transformed husband share a piece of his story with others

#322 – marveling at all God can do with our broken hearts



I cannot express how much I love reading the wonderful things you are greatful for. I really need to do this on my blog. When you are looking for all the things to be thankful for, it makes it harder to be selfish. Thanks for the reminder 🙂