The gift of together time

We booked a campsite many weeks ago and it wasn’t refundable, so when the weather forecast turned to rain, we went back and forth about going or not.   Since we’ve talked for several years about camping in the San Juan Islands and had never done it, we opted to call it adventure and go for it.   There is so much that I used to take for granted when Chris worked at his old job.  One of the biggest was simply time together.

Nearly two years into his new position, family time is now of utmost value.  It is a little sad it took the loss of it for us to realize how precious it is.  But better than not at all.  It’s all part of the journey, I know.

On a lighter note, we learned many good things camping with four little people.   Like “EZ setup” might mean nearly two hours of hard work and the use of bandaids to hold poles together….and that a big pot of chili is not the best camping fare when all six share one tent…and that the term “quiet hours” doesn’t apply at some campgrounds.

Since it’s Monday here is the continuation of my list of 1000 gifts joining the gratitude community combined with some shots from our trip:

#211 – the delight of memory-making

#212 – surprising Daddy with birthday brownies while we camped on his special day

#213 – learning yet again that so much of life is all about how you look at it

#214 – hiking/climbing the kids’ first mountain, Turtleback Mountain on a spectacular sunny day

#215 – long ferry rides and trying to explain what archipelago means

#216 – being windblown

#217 – being up so early together that clouds were still sitting on many of the islands!

#218 – boys who don’t always like eachother but can sure act like it sometimes

#219 – four imperfect children who continue to refine and change us

#220 – coming ‘home’ from our great hike to see this fella in our campsite – incredible!

#221 – sleeping snug and dry while rain poured all night over our tent

#222 – the end of belly sleeping for mama till springtime

#223 – how it feels to do something you’ve so long wanted to do

#224 – the way I was able to breathe again after calling to cancel a certain 4 year old’s attendance at preschool

#225 – the massive challenge and blessing of homeschool



Wow what adorable photos!!! Your kids are just beautiful and sooo happy!
I have been learning that too lately, how important our outlook is on life. I hope I don’t forget it too soon again.
Gorgeous scenery.
What does archipelago mean?!
Happy Birthday Christopher!


Archipelago means a cluster of many smallish islands, which is what the San Juans are!


Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Karissa – just saw your message on my blog. Yes, I am still on the lookout for a used stroller to trade in! Are you sure you don’t need the one you’ve got? If not, my email is stacymluce(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks for getting in touch!


What a wonderful weekend! Loved all the pictures and all the happy, happy faces! p.s. #222 brought a smile.


Yes, it’s always a landmark when the little growing one forces you to learn to sleep differently 🙂 I hope you are doing well, I miss your blog!


You’re so sweet! I miss my blog too! I found that I didn’t have enough time this year with this pregnancy, a toddler, a husband (who was also in school), and work…hoping that once I’m on maternity leave until the New Year, I can re-group!


where did you go? we are always looking for a good place to camp. It looks beautiful!


Orcas Island, we camped at Moran State Park, there were tons of hikes nearby, easier ones, that we didn’t get to do because it started to rain. But we easily could have stayed a few days in good weather. Only kicker is the cost of the ferry to get there!


LOVE these pictures!!! Can you put some on shutterfly so I can order some copies? I’m so glad it was sunny for at least one day!