The gift a family is

Our family is blessed to have so many May birthdays that it feels like Christmas!  So we celebrate kid birthdays individually but all the grown ups together.  Last night was May birthday night, my mother put out a lovely spread and we celebrated my dad’s, sister’s and my own May birthdays.

In the middle of dinner my dad’s only sibling (my aunt) and her family arrived as a complete surprise to almost all of us.  We haven’t seen them in over two years as they live in another state.

As soon I saw them step onto the deck, I started to cry.  It totally surprised me.  I was even a little embarrassed.  But I think because of our encounters with loss this past while, it just felt extra sweet to see them.  We enjoyed one of those evenings together that can’t be orchestrated but sometimes just happen and are a lovely, perfect gift.

This is my dad.  He’s opening his gift (tickets to the senior golf PGA with his two sons-in-law).  He is one of the most amazing people on the planet.  And I’m glad he’s my dad.

The new porch swing on the new deck…room for lots more grandkids (wink)

Princess Audrey (one of our May birthdays) with her baby doll

Rylee and my cousin’s daughter played the night away

A sweet smile from Grammy, the woman who gave life to the husband I love.  Our night wasn’t the same without Grampy.

My mama with her two youngest grandkids.  I can only hope to have such a sparkle and a smile when I grow up.

My parents….who honestly like and love each other more every year.  That is perhaps one of the greatest gifts they have given me and my sisters.  One we are just starting to comprehend and appreciate as we get older.

My dad and his little sis

A good portion of the family – the most we could snag for a photo by the end of the night!

This weeks continuing list of thankfulness…

#59 – surprise visits

#60 – juicy, giant steaks on the BBQ

#61 – perspective

#62 – good wine

#63 – captivated children by my new Bible on CD

#64 – a long drive alone in the rain

#65 – sweet visits with kindred friends who live afar

#66 – living near extended family

#67 – open windows at night

#68 – a daughter who’s anxiously requesting another sibling

#69 – provision and the delight of sharing abundance

#70 – laundry pile conquered

#71 – parents who are still married and still in love with Jesus and each other



Love, love, love these pics!!! I still can’t believe how special last night was. I was in complete disbelief when I saw them. It was fun to see you using your new camera, too 🙂


It is a treasure to have those special times. Each one becomes part of the beauty of the family tapestry to balance the places where things where things get in knots.


What a wonderful surprise!! I teared up reading your post. The pictures are priceless. You have an amazing family!