The food of summer

Since the year I was born, nearly every year I’ve picked berries at Harvold’s Berry Farm in Carnation. This year the strawberries were super late with all our cold weather, but summer is finally here. We had a wonderful time plucking berries and filling our baskets with 22 pounds of bright red berries. The only thing better than this is picking raspberries, we can’t wait!

Our garden, also slow to grow this year with the cold (almost all our seedlings died in late April just after they were planted because they were covered with SNOW-it was tragic), is finally helping fill our table with yummy things.

Kyler is becoming quite adept at eating cherries, taking care to smash them first to remove the pit all by himself.




YUM!!!! My thumb doesn’t have the slightest green color and every year I kill most of the things I attempt to grow. I just don’t put the effort into it that it needs. So good for you on your garden! There is an organic farm right across the road from us that we get the BEST melons from, as well as everything else they offer!


What a wonderful trip!


I am going to wrap that Kyler up into a big bundle and carry him home with me….scrumptious!


Adorable!! Christopher said you went to pick blueberries today. Hope you guys had fun!!