The chicks are here!

Before the fun pictures, let me recount our trip to the post office to pick up the chicks.  First of all, going to the post office with four young children is not my favorite thing to do.  I love a challenge and a good adventure, but the post office for many reasons is a big challenge for me.  It’s quiet, people don’t like waiting in the long line, etc.  Nonetheless, it was the only way we were going to get them so we headed out quick as we could.

As soon as we walk in the door I notice there are already 8 people in line.  Bummer.  I tell the kids to stand in line and go up front to ask if we still have to wait in the line if we are just picking up the baby chicks (that I can hear peeping).  Yes.  I go back to the line to find Caleb getting a lecture about climbing up on a small counter (of course, he is a 4 year old boy after all-why would he not want to climb).

Lady in line to Caleb: “Young man, can you read the sign here, it says PLEASE NO CHILDREN CLIMBING ON COUNTER.  Get down from there right now or the workers will come out and get you.”

Me (slightly annoyed that someone else is threatening my son): “He can’t read that but Caleb do get down, we aren’t supposed to climb up there okay?”

No problem.  He gets down promtly and I tell them to walk down to the other end of the room and then walk back to me.  They do, and I notice there is an empty popcorn cart down there, perfect to check out and walk around.

Another lady in line (with as sour a face as you can imagine):  “They are touching the cart, oh my the cart is moving, they shouldn’t be playing with that (she gasps).”

I note that there is no sign anywhere saying do not touch the cart, and my kids are gently opening and shutting the doors and rocking it back and forth on its wheels which could be locked but are not.  They are laughing.  They are excited.  They are taking in the world.  Seeing how things work.  They are not out of control, they are merely observers and participators.  I’ll stop here, because this is a whole other blog post about how people expect children to act just like grown ups when in fact they are not-they enjoy life in a much louder and far less inhibited way that we do.

I plan to ignore her but my blood pressure is quickly rising.

Same lady again: “Oh dear, that must be an antique, yes I’m sure it is.  It is definitely an antique.  Oh my, not good, they should not be there.”

Me (now I have to say something):  “I’ll go check (I walk down and back).  Nope, actually it’s just made of cheap plywood, not an antique and they aren’t breaking anything, they are just seeing how it works.  They are just fine.”

Now, very agitated and upset lady: “Still they should not be down there, it’s not good.”

Me (now trying to not completely blow a gasket): “You know, are these your children?  No I didn’t think so.  I said they are JUST FINE.”

My heart is now beating through my chest.  I literally bite down on my tongue to avoid saying what I want to say which is: It is rude, crabby people like you that ruin other people’s days and make me stressed out to come to the post office.  Keep your unpleasant thoughts to yourself and mind your own business.

It is silent except for the sound of the peeping box and my happy children who can’t wait to get their chicks.  I feel like everyone is holding their breath.  Now 14 people are in line.  We are next.  I count to ten in my head, gather the kids and we make our way to the counter.  Our moment has arrived and despite all that has transpired in the last 10 minutes, we announce we have come for the chicks.  The kids squeal and I bring the box down and we move out of the way so that I can open it and we can peek at them.  They are as darling as we expected.  It takes me about an hour to calm down.  Goodness it’s amazing the impact people can have, for good or for bad.

Now, here are the pics from our morning:

Will anyone notice if I...?
Will anyone notice if I...
Try to climb in?
...try to climb in?



oh my I thought you got 3, looks like a lot more than that……how fuN!!!! Logan would love those.


Oh my!!! They are beyond adorable!! They are just so fluffy and tiny…I wish I was there to hold one!! I CANNOT believe what those women said, but I’m glad you didn’t let it spoil the joy of the day 🙂


Oh my goodness I laughed SOOOO hard when I read the comment about “can you read the sign”. She must be related to the lady who told my aunt 39 years ago, when she went to the bank with 1 baby and 6 months pregnant, that she was over-populating the world and was basically wrong. I am quite proud of you how you handled that. I love the, “I checked it out and it is cheap plywood” and the “are they your children.” I only hope I can handle it so well if it happens to me… (especially since I’m at the post office more often living down here!)


What an exciting day! I can’t wait to get home from my trip and see them. Although knowing how fast cute baby chicks lose their cuteness, I hope Sunday isn’t too late… I loved the pics of the kids with them!

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