The best day

Last month after an especially arduous dentist appointment with six children (um, ok, when is that NOT arduous?) we found ourselves at the McD’s drive through for fudge sundaes on our way home…I know ironic right?  And the perky girl who gave us our 5 ice cream treats said as I left, “Have the best day ever!” with a smile.  I was taken aback, it wasn’t at all what I’d expected to hear.  But it stuck with me.  And as I drove home from our long morning of dental fun, I was struck by the stark reality that my mundane, errand-filled morning could indeed be the best day ever.

Any day can be the best day.  It is largely up to attitude and perspective and only slightly up to actual circumstance.   When we woke up last Wednesday there was nothing on the calendar.   It was just another day. It was bright and glorious outside and we all got to work on chores so we could start school work.  A quick trip out to the barn made it clear that Rylee’s beloved Blanchette was very near to delivering her first set of kids.  Book work got set aside and we set about an altogether different kind of learning.  My favorite kind.  The kind where we get all wrapped up in something amazing.  And this amazing has to be the best kind.  The kids planted themselves in the barn with walkie-talkies to keep me apprised of the situation while I did dishes and took care of the baby and came back and forth every chance I could.  Once Liberty was asleep, I sat with them in absolute wonder:

Blanchette's birth

I watched them hold their breath as the large-bellied mama heaved around her pen making soft noises as she labored.  Even ever-busy Finn was quiet.  Watching new life emerge has to be one of the most sacred, precious things there is.  It is nothing less than amazing.

baby Samson

We marveled that she knew just what to do, made sweet mama sounds that we’d never heard from her before…I whispered through tears that they would always, always remember this day, this moment and knew that so would I.  Our ordinary everyday turned into miracle-watching in a one quick instant.


They slowly made observations about the tiny hooves and the color of the fur and how slimy they were and how quick their mama cleaned them and how incredible it was they could stand in two minutes and look for food almost immediately….and suddenly a years’ worth of science seemed to pale in comparison to the beauty we were privy to in the barn on a sweltering April day.

Sometimes, a day gets to the best ever simply because we know that our today is one of a kind and it’s a gift all in itself.  But every now and then a day is the best ever because we get to do or see something that astounds and amazes us and leaves us with a memory that we’ll tuck away forever.  I found myself crazy thankful for the umpteenth time that our kids are home learning with me, that we got to share this day together.