The beauty of work

Hard work.  We were made for it.  Though a quick look at our overweight, sedentary culture may say otherwise, I’d beg to differ.  Our bodies function best when they have to do things, not sit around on couches all day.  I’ll try to stay off my video-game soapbox but really, we were created to do hard stuff.  From an early age, it has amazed me how much our kids delight in being challenged to do meaningful work.

Of course some are more bent to work than others.  And for sure at certain stages of our life, its been more difficult to actually come up with projects for all of them.  It would be so much easier in the short term to put a movie on!  Believe me, I’ve been in the “put a movie on” stage, there is always grace for the seasons that a mama just can’t function enough to do much more than that.  However, long term if I want to see diligence and a strong work ethic in my children, there isn’t much better way to grow that than to expect  hard work from them.

And even for me, if I want to keep chinking away (even at a snail’s pace!) at the I’ve-had-six-children baby weight, I have to force myself to work!  Not just dishes and teaching grammar and changing diapers and driving to co-op but things that make me sweat and breathe hard.  It feels good to go to bed a little bit sore.  Even just a brisk walk to the stop sign pushes the limits on my tired legs.

Phineas loves to work.  He spent the morning trying to behave at his sisters’ play and then we came home to find one of our does had delivered triplets in the pasture while we were away.  He “helped” get the babies safely into the barn and then we all watched them in wonder.  Then he got a big stick and whacked weeds in the forest for a couple of hours with his brothers.  Come dinner time, he was desperate for a snack, so I made him a big plate and set him at the table.  He ate every bite quickly and then it was quiet in the dining nook.  This is how we found him when we came to check:

sleeping farmer finn

It’s the essence of Finn in every way.  Plum worn out wearing his farm suit and covered with dirt.

Liberty works hard too.  Besides being insanely cute and completely delightful, she falls asleep on a whim with her snuggly big brother while the fam gets ready to go to church…

kyler and sleeping sis

And having dairy goats is work too, for sure, this girl has done the bulk of the care for these animals and we are continually impressed with her willingness to work hard:

photo 4(2)
photo 5(3)
rylee with delight
baby goats day 2

I’m pretty sure it’s hard to be that cute….don’t you think?!  Their names are Cedar, Daisy and Lily.  Two doelings and a buckling.  The doe Rylee is milking isn’t their mama, she is another goat that we got this week from a friend.  Rylee is determined to get her back to producing milk despite the fact that her babies weaned 2 weeks ago….if anyone can do it, Rylee can!

I killed all the gorgeous cucumber starts I had worked so hard to grow in the kitchen “greenhouse”.  Put them out just a couple days too early and they froze into oblivion in one cold night.  Part of hard work is certainly failing, sometimes a lot!  But every failure is a chance to learn and try again.  Easy to type that.  Not easy to do it!



I love your new family photo! And, I want to come see the baby goats!!


You certainly need to come visit again – they are DARLING!

Patricia Larson Sween

Nana thinks the big “kids” are even cuter than those babies. Can’t wait to see them all soon.


They can’t wait to see you either 🙂


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