The B Hunt

Let me first explain that this week is “L” week for school. Last week was “B” week. We start the week by going on a hunt for everything that starts with the letter of the week and make a list that we add to all week.

Caleb stumbled into my room groggy and still waking up. First thing out of his mouth?

“Mom, we’re on a B hunt and we forgot to add Tree and Levi to the list”.

I’m about as out of it as Caleb, Audrey is getting up a lot in the night all the sudden and wow was it hard to even open my eyes today after punishing my exhausted self by staying up till midnight canning more applesauce before the apples went bad. Caffeine IV drip anyone?



What a cute game! I could start your IV!!! 😉


You got apples, where did you get apples? So sorry I missed your call 🙁 ron and colleen were here this weekend and we went to the orchard and picked 200 lbs….
talk soon!


Love the hunt game idea.

200 pounds????????????????? Wow!