I know it’s almost Christmas but just wanted to share a peek of our Thanksgiving before this week is over.  It was a little hard trying not to compare this year to last year.  Nothing could really ever compare.  But we relished family time and celebrated a long list of things we are giving thanks for.

We loved getting to see great Grandpa for Thanksgiving, we think he’s pretty amazing for traveling across the country at his age.  It’s sure not the same celebrating the holidays without Grandma.…having her here with us last year, not knowing those were her last days.  Truly a treasure that can’t be measured.

Rylee handed out little leaves to people to write their thankful things on then she posted them on our thankful tree.  In case you ever get inspired and decide to paint a tree on your wall, let me save you some time and tell you DON’T use tempera paint.  I’ve so far painted over it 5 times and the tree still shows through, because its so water soluble.  It gets wet and the green mixes with the wall paint color.  Every time.  Not so good, lesson learned.