Thankful for gray hair

I’m on a slow journey to name 1000 things that I am thankful for.  It’s been a year of unexpected loss and we’re still finding our way.  Joining in with Ann’s Gratitude Community is one way for me to put my focus in the right place.

#25  gray hairs noticed by my hair stylist (and not minding one bit!)

#26  being another year older today

#27  a new camera to play with

#28  knowing a full night’s sleep is on it’s way in just 6 days

#29  a birthday night with treasure-friends that I won’t forget

#30  celebrating a life passed and a newly begun life on the same day

#31  loads of sunshine

#32  letting expectations go

#33  letting what takes place be what it is and being content in it

#34  how the gifts people give are windows to the people who give them

#35  writing this list at 3 AM up with sick, snugly babies

#36 the absolute beauty that I see in the hearts of my children when I least expect it

#37  anticipation

#40  every moment I’m given, knowing too well that it could all change so fast

holy experience



Happy Birthday!!I can wait to see what this year has in store for you!!!!