#477 – #488

deliciously plump, warm baby fingers rubbing my arms while I type

little boy grins and dimples

“I love you so much mama” out of the blue from the not-so-little boy who still holds my hand

help, just the right kind

a brimming full house and so much laughter

the euphoric high from the delight of so many people being happy here

a day of rest and not feeling guilty about it

the joy of sharing

how God’s hand shows up in even the smallest thing

just 70 miles this morning and we’ll be in one favorite place with one favorite family just for one day

two mamas and eleven children and a whole lotta food!





Loved every line…

Go grateful here for many things too

One item is being able to see your dimples; plump little fingers; all the laughter as well as hear it; see beautiful smiles; hear simple, quiet guidance; see little creatures loved by one and all; see growth; thankful, thankful, thankful!

Danielle Sween Jorgenson

Umm, what about a sister coming home?! 😉 Seeing you guys is one of the only reasons we want to come back!


How could I forget to add that?!? Only been looking forward to it for weeks!

MrsH @ Gently Metamorphing Me

Aww your list is wonderful! I especially love the house full of laughter. Because we all need to laugh and find the joy in life! I found your post through Ann’s link up. Thanks for sharing and God bless!

~Mrs H