#362 – kids and forts and all the fun that means on a rainy morning

#363 – the 37 week mark of pregnancy and all the fun that means (grin)

#364 – a peek last week at a happily large growing baby inside

#365 – dinners for the week!

#366 – thrift store finds

#367 – getting invited to hang out with new people (trust me, with a slew of kids, this is a rarity!)

#368 – my health holding just steady enough to not plan an induction

#369 – washing newborn outfits

#370 – hippity hop balls – complete lifesavers for my boys and therefore for me

#371 – big kids reading to the littles…one of my favorite things about homeschool



Washing newborn outfits! Yeah! Those hippity hoppity balls look fun. Hmm, forts…we need to try those again…we had to ban them for a while because somebody was always sobbing and left out.


🙂 the only reason the forts worked is because my Dad had one kid with him and one was in bed reading for the morning since she felt grouchy…


Ahhhh, those lovely times when fewer siblings get along! For a minute I thought you had discovered some kind of sibling unity trick that you weren’t sharing…