#90 – grocery lists and weekly menus written in green crayon on hot pink paper

#91 – respite from ‘food poisoning’? just in time to celebrate the father of my children

#92 – homemade burgers

#93 – a neighbor willing to come pray over me

#94 – survival

#95 – a perfectly timed diaper deposit from the tiny one that provided me a quiet run to the lab after much too long a day

#96 – wrapping up homeschool for the summer!

#97 – being reminded how simple life can be and still be good

#98 – the prospect of camping

#99 – the joy observing a life lived out fully with purpose

#100 – a chance to start fresh with the younger middle who is driving me c-r-a-z-y this week

#101 – a list of hikes to do this summer

#102 – jeans that fit (a little!) loose

#103 – being able to take strange advice in stride

#104 – new recipes to try

#105 – the fun of sharing meals

#106 – the way family puts up with family

#107 – the way sisters did all they could to come to my rescue

#108 – the way God’s done something monumental in my life that I truly didn’t think He could