Thank goodness for a sunny day!


And thank God for a sweet big sister who patiently helped Caleb get all the dirt out of his shoe when he asked her for help ( I was on my way back to the car with Kyler who had a leaky diaper down his legs….thanks honey for feeding the kids over a pound of grapes last night for snack while I was gone-Kyler had but one word for me-“Dia-wea”).



Looks like tons of fun! I love fall. Rylee is such a great big sister 🙂 I didn’t know grapes had such a profound impact on the digestive tract!!


Aaaaaah, I no longer feel alone. Thomas (my only pottie-trained child) did the same job as Kyler in his PULL-UP 2 days ago. It was such a mess that all of his clothes and MY jeans went into the wash right away while Elise was wailing in the playpen to get out! At least I wasn’t in the car like you and could hose him down in the kitchen sink (I know that sounds gross but the playpen is in the kitchen and it was dripping everywhere…).


Oh no! That is not fun! But it looks like they had a great time! And Rylee is a great big sister!
Give them hugs for me! Thanks!


yES, I saw you at Target, I almost said Hi but I didnt want to seem like a weirdo either!:) If you live in the area which I assume you do, I would love to play sometime,I have a very busy boy too! Its been a rough go for us, and I admire all you do with 4 chidlren. Let me know you email and we can chat.


I know I commented on this already, but this is for the post above this one. The school internet wont let me post a comment on the one above because you used the word naked so they think I’m trying to look at something bad.. Haha!

So anyway, that is so exciting that Rylee read her first book! You will have to let her know I’m so happy for her. And the last picture of all four of them is so cute! And its to bad you forgot to change the settings back. I’m sure you will be able to get another one that is just as cute or even cuter because they are just so adorable!!
Miss you all!