The 12th Man


A week ago Friday was my birthday and I had the privilege of working an extra long day.  What made it a little bit easier to digest was the fact that I won two tickets to the Seahawk’s game against the St. Louis Rams from 710 ESPN Radio.  I flipped on the station and heard that they would be giving away tickets to game in fifteen minutes.  I thought, why not, and dialed the number at the right time.  After four busy signals I finally got through and to my surprise, I was the 12th caller and had won tickets to the game.  I was so surprised I had a little trouble giving them my name and then after I got off the phone I realized I didn’t know how many tickets I had won. Upon figuring out it was a pair of tickets, I asked Todd if he want to join me via text since he was teaching at the time.  He immediately responded with “Heck Yes.”


Sunday morning finally arrived and Todd and I headed down to the game to find a spot to set up our tailgate (Hyundai style).  We are not quite ready for the big boy tailgating as I was amazed at the set up that so many people had by their vehicles.  But, I was enjoying every moment of our little pregame set up with our boiled hot dogs, chips, cheese and crackers, and choice beverages.

We picked up our tickets in the Event Center and enjoyed a great showing of Seahawk dominance.  28-0 over the lowly Rams.  I had always heard about the influence of the 12th man, but being a part of it was a fun experience.  The first Ram’s offensive play of the day was blown dead for a false start penalty.  The crowd was really into the game the entire time, even when it got to be pretty clear the Hawks were going to blow them out.  I would like to go again some time and definitely recommend checking out a Seahawks game at least once in your life.  This game is definitely in my top ten sporting game experiences.

After the game, I began to think about what other sporting events I would like to attend.  I would love to go to some World Cup games, and would love to attend the Olympics at some point in my life.  If you could go to any sporting event, what would it be?

Look out Ichiro

Although the Mariner’s have taken the last two games from the Angels, they look like a team that is in a rebuilding mode.  They could use some help around the field in a few positions.  Here are a couple kids that just might give a few Mariner’s a run for their money out on the ball field.

In the field

Caleb and Rylee playing the infield, ready to make a play to first base.  While on defense, every ball that is put into play goes over to first base.  Each inning the every player gets to hit and advance one base for each at bat.  The last player gets a “home run” clearing the bases.  Both Rylee and Caleb had multiple opportunities to field a ground ball and throw it to first base.  They both did great!

Caleb at bat
Rylee at bat
C and R running the bases

I got to pitch again to the kids and had a great time.  My ERA is through the roof, but that is a good thing!  Rylee and Caleb both seem to be having so much fun.  I am delighted to see how both kiddos adapt so well to the organization of the team sport.  They are even making new friends.  After the game today Caleb asked me where one of the boys who was missing was.  I love it!  I also really enjoy getting to coach my kids and partner with a great organization serving our community.  The kids are having fun and Karissa and I are getting to know the other players parents.  At one point in the game, AGAIN we caught Caleb and Rylee giving each other a congratulatory hug on first base.  The big smiles on these moments as well as seen throughout the whole game make the day so much fun.