Some snow and an impromptu hair cut


In case you aren’t from around the Seattle area, we are experiencing an atypical cold snap. It’s no where near what many parts of the country deal with for about three months, but for us Seattleites, 18 degrees is downright chilly. Normally when we get about 4 inches of the white stuff like we did on Sunday, it is gone before the Monday morning commute. However, since it is still below freezing, we still have all of the original accumulation. To top it off, it is supposed to dump up to another 6 inches or so today. We will see if that actually happens.

On the home front, Caleb managed to get a hold of Daddy’s electric razor and gave himself a bit of a trim. We found him in our room where he had been surreptitiously hiding out pretending to be a barber. I am not sure trim is the right word actually, if he would have continued on his whole head he would have been ready for the Marines. Instead, he has a about a 1/2 inch by 2 inch line taken off the front of his head. In hopes to keep him from feeling any worse than he does already, we have not taken any pictures. With his longer hair, it is covered up for the most part, but we do here the occasional “Daddy, my hair feels funny” in a sad tone. Poor guy.