7 year old smarts

As we were getting ready for a quick lunch picnic after morning school work, Audrey came barreling into the kitchen screaming and holding her eye.  She was holding a bottle of bug spray and trying to tell me through sobbing that she sprayed it at herself.  I picked her up and got a washcloth and Rylee grabbed the bottle.

“Don’t worry mom, it’s organic!”  she said delightfully, as if that would surely stop the hysterical tears.

I kept washing the eye out and she kept reading “Non toxic, safe for the entire family, all natural” she stated over the noise.

It took quite a while to recover and poor Audrey’s little eye was red and watery for a long time.  But I did have to laugh inside.  I can see a new catch phrase in our home developing….

Just Heard Thursday

After an unusually long stretch of not one kid-free moment for me, I could feel my internal reserves running on fumes.  Usually I do a fair job of getting out, taking care of myself which I’ve come to find a non-luxury but an honest necessity in this stage of life I’m in with little kids, homeschooling, not working outside the home…

So last night around 9 I headed over to a friends’ home (her husband is out of town for the week) for a movie, popcorn and good wine.  It was just what I needed only I was left in charge of movie selection and I’m embarrassed to say that my choice was not the best.  We watched The Blind Truth-a smutty, low quality romantic comedy chock full of sexual innuendo.

At dinner tonight, I intimated to Chris that the movie had been fairly sub par.  He asked what it was about, to which I replied “It was about the ‘truth’ of what men really want.” He cracked a smile and instantly caught my drift.

But Rylee immediately responded exceedingly confident that she knew the answer:


We were undone.  I’m still laughing typing it.  I hope she thinks that all men want is coke for MANY years to come 🙂


Kyler (bursting in the door from the yard):  “Mom, I saw Mason’s peanut.  It’s huge.  And it’s a hairy peanut.”

Two things are important here:

  1. Mason is the dog who lives behind us
  2. Peanut is Kyler’s term for boy private parts

I hid behind the counter laughing.  Mainly because my mother was there and I wanted to act grown up enough not to bust a gut laughing at bathroom humor.  But really, I’m not grown up enough.  Yet.

Happy Birthday Rylee!

Happy 7th  Birthday Rylee!  It is quite something for me to think back and remember waiting 6 long days to even hold you in my arms after you were born 5 weeks early.  You fought hard to breathe, to live and faced incredible challenges in the first year of your life.  You overcame and your body was restored to perfect health.  And now, healthy as can be, you are turning 7.  I am amazed and blessed to know you.  You live with a certain amount of pressure and responsibility that always come along with being the first born.  You want to please, to succeed and to do things right.  You care a lot if you don’t do those things.  It is a quality that you come by naturally and one that will be both a blessing and a challenge in the years to come.  Your smile is bright when you share it-which is usually often, you are cautious and think before acting.  You are an amazing little reader and like learning when it’s on your terms.

Your greatest trait is the heart of compassion and care for others.  You often see a need before I do and do all you can to meet it.  You are tremendously sensitive to what is going with the people around you.  You ask more questions than most kids I know and I am praying for enduring patience to answer them and to foster the gift God gave you in that inquisitive nature.  You don’t want to miss anything.    And I don’t want to miss the delight it is to have you as our firstborn.  You are growing fast and you are abundantly loved.  You are like your daddy in that you are at your best at night, you lay in bed and read to me for as long as I let you.  You talk and talk and I try to stay awake to listen.  You love to sleep in and love being cozy.

Your presence made me a mother.  Your prayers (along with God’s providence) gave me another daughter to be your sister.  Your laughter is a daily blessing.  Your nurturing heart makes me smile.

Love always,


Little life lessons

As we meander through our days, we’re learning new things along the way…

Like choosing Charlotte’s Web for our movie selection as the kids snuggle in my bed and I answer phone calls and emails was probably not the best choice for such a week as this.

Although it would seem to me that Kyler is relatively unscathed by the sadness surrounding him, as he watched a movie he’s seen and enjoyed many times, his response told me his little 3 year old heart is hurting too.  Rylee described it all to me later in the day:

“Mama, first he cupped his face in his hands.  You know, during the part of the movie where Charlotte dies?  Then he started weeping with tears down his face.  And then, he was weeping loud and I had to come and get you then.  He was so sad.”

Sweet little boy, I cradled him a long time and we shared some serious love.  No words.  Just lovin.

I also learned that when the heart is in agony, the stomach is very unhappy as well.  Cheese pizza from Costco is surely the worst thing to feed a stomach when one’s heart is hurting.  It may sound good.  But it is a very bad idea.

In general, Costco on a busy Saturday when life seems to be crumbling is not the best place to be.   A bottle of wine, one of my father-in-law’s favorites, nearly undid me and tears were so very close.  I started to recall the conversation we had just weeks ago about screw top wine bottles versus corks.  The recalling brought tears and I hid my head as I recognized someone I know but don’t know well enough to want to cry with in the wine aisle.

And as if I needed another reminder, God gives the sweetest little gifts in the midst of great pain.  As we were perusing dinner options, I heard my sister say “SHUT UP!”  but in a good way, as in I-can’t-believe-this-NO-WAY!  She ran into a precious friend who was only in town from out of state for 2 short days who she wouldn’t have otherwise seen.  They caught up for a bit and it was wonderful.

As my sister talked with Rylee who was struggling to understand why we were still sad, she reminded her that in a few months she would have a new baby cousin to play with.  It was a beautiful reminder of how life works and that there is great joy in our life as we anticipate the arrival of a new member of the Jorgenson family.

Rylee, our question asker, keeps asking questions.  They are sweet and tender and repetitive and hard to answer.

But she needs to ask them and we keep answering.

Even though we don’t have the answers.

Simple pleasures

Kyler (with a big sigh at breakfast this morning):  “Mama, can I fwim in that?”

Mama (loving he still can’t say s-blend words, it’s so darn cute): “Swim where, in what?”

Kyler: “In that bottle of honey.  It just looks so good.”

Mama: “It might be sticky to swim in honey.”

Kyler: “Yeah.  Okay.  But it’d be so fun.  So yummy.”


Kids all playing with a train track they built, together.  Without fighting.  Bliss.


The fact it took me almost two hours – from grinding beans to pouring my first cup – to make a pot of coffee for myself.  The momentary interruptions of life with small children never cease to amaze me.  But wow, that first cup is pretty amazing.  I’m in love with Peets Coffee.  A new discovery for me and pure, strong, YUM.  I was thinking about giving up coffee in the new year.

Not a good idea.  Not even going to try it.


Pondering the sweetheart of a girl Rylee is and though her sass sometimes gets her in trouble, her tenderness brings me to tears.  Yesterday when my sister was too sick to go to work which meant we wouldn’t have my nephew here for the day, she was so bummed her cousin wasn’t coming for the day.  She pestered me every 5 minutes until I called my sister.  This was what finally got me to pick up the phone:

Mama, since DeeDee is so sick and Isaac is there just playing by himself, don’t you think we should call and offer to go pick him up so that all she has to worry about is herself?

Melt my heart instantly.  Of course we should.  And of course we did, we piled in the van and scooped up little Isaac and enjoyed him for the morning.  He and Audrey played peek-a-boo in the curtains off and on all morning.  And his mama got some sleep.

Life is so simple to a 6 year old.  I absolutely love it.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Conversation on the way home from Grammy and Grampy’s:

Rylee, age 6 – “I want to be a farmer and take care of animals and sell them”


Caleb, age 5 – “I want to be a race car driver”


Kyler, age 3 – “I want to jump over big mountains!”


We thought it was interesting to hear what each of the kids said to this question.  Rylee has said that she has wanted to be a farmer for quite some time now.  Who knows how that will play out in life.  Now that I am almost 32, I have some ideas of what I want to be when I grow up, and they don’t usually involve crawling under houses.  I will now pose the question to you, no matter how old you are now…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Anacortes-one year later

I realized in looking at pictures from our wonderful trip to Anacortes that we had many pictures of the family in the exact same places as last year and we were there in August both years…I thought it would be fun to post them together.  So much changes in a year!

august 2008 132

Tired Kyler last year

august 2009 177

Tired Kyler this year!

august 2008 110

Bathing three last year…

august 2009 119

Bathing four this year!

august 2008 156

Caleb last year…

august 2009 157

…and this year at the same beach.

august 2008 166

Sweet Rylee last August…

august 2009 132

..and this August, minus a few teeth!

august 2008 147

Kyler last year…

august 2009 135

Kyler this year, more hair and less baby chub!

august 2008 192

the baby cousins last year, tiny and new…

august 2009 069
august 2009 072
august 2009 073
august 2009 081

…baby cousins this year, into all kinds of mischief together!

august 2008 218

Last year, in the kitchen, looking at the baby deer and her mama…

august 2009 053

…this year in the kitchen with family visiting from Africa!

You know you’re getting old when…

…after some talking, some prayers, a kiss good night, and a short snuggle with your 6 year old daughter you wake up to her saying “Daddy, can I have some of the covers back?”  You stumble out of bed and thinking that you must have barely fallen asleep, you realize that it is 2:30 in the morning and it has been five hours since you tucked her in for the night.

Look out Ichiro

Although the Mariner’s have taken the last two games from the Angels, they look like a team that is in a rebuilding mode.  They could use some help around the field in a few positions.  Here are a couple kids that just might give a few Mariner’s a run for their money out on the ball field.

In the field

Caleb and Rylee playing the infield, ready to make a play to first base.  While on defense, every ball that is put into play goes over to first base.  Each inning the every player gets to hit and advance one base for each at bat.  The last player gets a “home run” clearing the bases.  Both Rylee and Caleb had multiple opportunities to field a ground ball and throw it to first base.  They both did great!

Caleb at bat
Rylee at bat
C and R running the bases

I got to pitch again to the kids and had a great time.  My ERA is through the roof, but that is a good thing!  Rylee and Caleb both seem to be having so much fun.  I am delighted to see how both kiddos adapt so well to the organization of the team sport.  They are even making new friends.  After the game today Caleb asked me where one of the boys who was missing was.  I love it!  I also really enjoy getting to coach my kids and partner with a great organization serving our community.  The kids are having fun and Karissa and I are getting to know the other players parents.  At one point in the game, AGAIN we caught Caleb and Rylee giving each other a congratulatory hug on first base.  The big smiles on these moments as well as seen throughout the whole game make the day so much fun.