Music to my ears…

Family Listening

On Saturday, we had Karissa’s parents piano delivered to our house.  When one of the movers was leaving he said “with four kids there goes the peace and quiet!”  Well, he could not have been more wrong.

When Karissa sat down and began to play, all the kids (Audrey was in my arms) came running over to listen to her play.  As she played and sang, the peace did not leave, but the peace came flowing into the home.  It was great to sit, watch, and listen to her sing and play El Shaddai for all of us.

With some consistent rules set up, each of the kids have had turns playing the piano and all three of them love it.  It is amazing to hear their personalities come through as they play in their own way.  We are delighting in their delight of music.  We are grateful for the gift of the piano and look forward to them developing their passion for music.