Flood damage

pacific cleanup1

I have been spending some of my work hours out in Pacific, WA where the White River flooded around 100 homes in the White River Dr neighborhood.  If you have not heard, here is just one news story.  I was blown away by the destruction of the homes that I have seen.  I had the opportunity to talk with the Mayor and the Building Inspector, both of whom are taking the responsibility for coordinating the restoration of this neighborhood.

Thanks to my job taking me to places where people need new insulation I have been able to witness first hand the damage that a flood can do to a home in places like Pacific and Issaquah.  When I was walking through the neighborhood in Pacific, I was deeply saddened in my heart as I watched family after family taking the destroyed furniture/carpet/etc. out of their home.  Some homes that were on higher ground simply need a crawlspace clean out and re-installation but there are many families starting the laborious process of completely gutting the main floor of their home.  The Army Corps of Engineers did not take responsibility at first but now has acknowledged their culpability and have apologized, but the residents are looking for more than an appology.  I was pleased to see several trucks of people who were volunteering their time to help with some of the cleanup.  If you know of anyone who wants to volunteer time and energy, this is a great place to show up with a truck and some able bodies.  They are going to need help and lots of it.  I was thinking this is a great place for the Church to step into the neighborhood and lend a few hundred hands.  Maybe your church might want to lend a hand?  It never hurts to raise the issue with your church leaders.  I will be calling a few of the connections I have with churches in the area to alert them to the need.  At the very least, remember to pray for the people in Snoqualmie, Issaquah, Pacific, and others who have come face to face with a great challenge as a result of this latest flood season.