Heard for the first time

Recent quotes from Kyler

“Happy Birdday Daddy” (on Daddy’s birthday…thanks for teaching him that Caleb)

“Yeah…Kenna” (on the way to the going away party for our fav baby-sitter)

“Hi Rat Man” (when the Pest Control guy came by to check on the traps under the house)

“Monker Moose: (his favorite monster truck from the show we saw at the fair pictured below)

“hot rod” (the name for any cool car)

“hot gog” (see picture below for interpretation)

You know you have a few kids when…

You buy a 20 pound box of peaches to can them for winter….and you don’t can them immediately and all the sudden they are almost gone, in 2 days. Kyler kept opening the front door today to ask me for another ‘ball, no peel, please’. Four times over, this happened in the course of just a few hours:

Peach eating, serious business. He never cracked a smile. Just focused on loving the peach and smashing his face into it.

Crafty (but sweet) Kyler

Well, anyone with suggestions about how to keep Kyler out of my room BESIDES using the doorknob covers that are supposed to keep kids out, let me know. Audrey sleeps in our room and was napping this morning, I went to get something out of the car, came back to find my door open. This time Kyler wasn’t busy emptying baby bath products, but laying all snuggled up in Audrey’s co-sleeper with his arm around her. This time, this is what I saw…

Yes I know, our room is a little less than clean…but in the words of a darling sign I saw on our vacation last week “Happiness is spending time with your kids instead of worrying about a clean house”.

On another note, Rylee and Kyler enjoyed the Monster Truck Show on Friday with their Dad.

A day in the life of….Kyler

Kyler is at that stage where everything is fair game, he can open doors (as of this week) and open lids (even childproof ones-last week it was a bottle of Motrin) and open pretty much everything else. This makes my life very challenging and some days very exhausting. I have basically given up talking on the phone for more than a few quick minutes while he is awake but sometimes I answer a call if I need to or I change Audrey’s diaper or make food for the kids, etc. I do my best to keep track of him but can’t always keep up.

In weeks past we have found him, having pulled the dining chair to the counter, carefully taking each knife out of the block or spraying Spray’n’Wash all over my coffee maker, coffee beans, blender, stove top, flashlight and wall art or unrolling dental floss and making a trail all over the whole house or pouring 32 ounces of water on the living room carpet or writing with sharpie permanent marker on the counter or eating an entire pack of his sister’s gum or squeezing out a tube of Benadryl anti-itch cream onto my carpet….you get the picture? He doesn’t like his toys, he doesn’t even really seem to like his brother or sister’s toys, he just really wants to find his way into the things that are not meant for children-things he knows are off limits.

So today, I was fixing tuna in the kitchen, talking to my sister for literally less than 5 minutes about our weekend plans while holding Audrey and he was playing with the other two for a while, somewhere though he bailed on them and ever so silently went into my bedroom where Audrey sleeps and all her stuff is kept. He had climbed up onto her changing table and was sitting on top. Here is what I found besides one very guilty and diaper-cream covered face:

What is all that you say? Well, it is my very favorite baby care products, most of which I bought with baby gift money. Besides pouring out a bottle of Nystatin (for Audrey’s thrush) onto the carpet below, the tub on the top is Earth Mama, Angel Baby Nipple Cream (with of course a small tube of Aquafor stuffed into it by the culprit below). The second picture is a $30 tub of prescription cream, Burt’s Bee’s Dusting Powder (almost emptied all over Kyler’s whole body), saline nose drops which had been sprayed all over the window of my bedroom, also almost emptied and California Baby Calendula Cream which I adore for baby bottoms and boo-boo’s of every kind and then there is the nose sucker thing, I don’t even want to know what he was doing with that. His face was smeared with the calendula cream and dusted with powder. He ran away quickly while I grabbed some rags and a camera. Then, he felt guilty and angry about the situation this is where I found him after my quick clean up:

Then he threw a big fit at my feet and tried to bite my ankle (which I found slightly funny, truly because I thought I should be the one throwing the fit):

So there you have it, a little window into our day. Tonight I go to the store to get those doorknob covers that keep curious hands out (at least I sure hope they do).


Happy 2nd Birthday Kyler

July 6th was Kyler’s birthday and it turned out to be a great day.  The weather was sunny and clear which made the planned day at the beach especially enjoyable.  We headed up to Edmonds to the ferry dock for some beach combing fun.  Karissa had discovered that this year was having some reccord low tides so we figured it would be a good time for discovering sea life.  So after lunch, the tide was going out so we went discovering.  Between our rock turning over expert Auntie Stephie and our adventurous neighbors we found some pretty amazing things.  Whether it was giant costco cupcakes, gladiator crabs, anenomies, starfish, or just hanging out with our dear friends, there was much fun to be had.  Here is a sampling of the day:

Kyler had a great time, especially with the cupcakes.  At the end of the day I looked over at Karissa and said, it feels like Kyler has been two for a long time.  He is such a joy to have around, he lights up the room bringing laughter and smiles wherever he goes.  We love you Kyler!


Totally TWO!

I am feeling quite fragmented tonight, having Caleb and Christopher gone camping since Sunday and Rylee at my mom’s for a sleepover this evening. It is strange how simple life with only two kids seems when once I thought two kids was surely going to send me to the crazy house…..I suppose now the only difference is that this IS the crazy house and I’ve learned to adore it.

Kyler turns 2 on Sunday. Here is our conversation that took place on the deck tonight:

(Kyler holding a football)
Me: “Kyler, what kind of ball is that?”
Kyler: “Mine, mine ball.”

(Kyler kicks the ball and gets his new green ball)
Me: “Kyler, is that a green ball?”
Kyler: “No, mine…mine.”

(He loses the green ball and picks up Maggie’s fetch ball)
Me: “Who’s ball is that? Is it Maggie’s?” (knowing he’s just mastered saying our dog’s name)
Kyler: “No-mine, no Maggie, mine.”

(I’m getting quite amused and he finds a bright pink ball)
Me: “Is that Rylee’s ball?”
Kyler: “No, mine.”

I thought I’d get him on the last one since every pink or purple thing he sees he quickly deems as belonging to “Lylee”-his name for his sister-but not tonight. Tonight Kyler enjoyed life alone where he did not need to defend his domain or try to keep up with anyone, everything belonged to him. It was fun for a couple hours but my heart aches for us to all be together again, soon.


Ice cream bars, squirrels and edible? tires

There is never a moment around here when nothing is going on. Last week we took some food outside to our garage freezer and left the door wide open, thank goodness it wasn’t a super hot day-we went about our play and work on projects inside and outside. We had dinner and I had one more thing to put in the freezer. I went outside and walked around the corner to find the freezer door wide open and a squirrel sitting inside the freezer. He had found himself an ice cream sandwich and had the entire, wrapped bar clenched in his teeth. He saw me and quickly split-ice cream and all-I screamed a little and then went about my business putting food away. This time I closed the door. Later on we found the wrapper in the front yard, the kids were so amused that squirrels love ice cream and that one had been sitting inside our open freezer.

If you live around here and have been to the mall with children (something we rarely do anymore and don’t really enjoy at all usually), you have probably seen the display by the play area of bendable tracks with cars that zip around on the tracks. We were delightfully given one last Christmas. The cars lasted a few days then quit working even with fresh batteries. They weren’t too exciting anymore which meant they disappeared for a few months.

One surfaced a few days ago, but still not working it was quickly given to Kyler, who always seems to get the less desirable cars from his brother. He thought it was great, drove it around and took all the tires off the wheels. What two year old doesn’t put everything in their mouth? Yours you say? Oh how nice for you, our Kyler still puts all sorts of ridiculous things in his mouth. I found him chewing on a tire later, no big deal, I asked him to spit it out and he did, always does. But only one tire. I took the car away and looked for the other tires to no avail.

Skip to dinner time the next evening. Uncle Buzz informs me of a diaper full of sand that needed cleaning, I head outside to take care of that. Planning to just pull the sandy diaper off, I sat Kyler down-quickly figuring out there was much more than sand in there. Leaking out all the sides, I hollered for Rylee to bring some wipes, lots of wipes, actually bring the whole box. The sand-poop mixture was awful. Now I knew where at least one missing tire was. Upon opening the diaper, a fully intact and fully digested tire was sitting inside.

Disgusting indeed, but the real problem? Two tires are still missing.


Bugs, Bath, and Back to Work

I am back to work today but wishing I was at home.  We gave Audrey her first bath today, she was a champ.  Rylee of course has been a huge help with everything Audrey.


Here is the team



A little helping hand from her sister
The finished product...a clean Audrey!






Rylee words

Even with all of her efforts at taking care of Audrey, she still has time to learn to write.  Here are a few of her recent words: 


He has had better days...


Unfortunately Kyler got some bug the other day and woke up with a nose full of the junk.  Here he is looking a bit out of sorts.



The Boardwalk Revisited

Call me a glutton for punishment or just stubborn, but I decided this morning to head out to the wetlands for another go at the boardwalk with the boys.  Alright, that is not quite the truth…what really happened was that the boys were going ballistic after being cooped up insdide for so many days with Audrey so Karissa looks at me and tells me to take the boys outside to the park.  So off I went, fully aware of what happened the last time the boys went to the boardwalk.  If you did not yet read about this adventure, you can read about what happened here.  So Caleb, Kyler, Maggie and I decided to tackle the boardwalk again.  This time  was not as adventurous and the only one to get wet was Maggie.  We even managed to grab a few pictures.


Diggin' in the wetlands
The boys and Maggie
A self portrait attempt



What about the Boys?

Rylee is so excited to have Audrey as her baby sister.  In fact, many of the pictures we have of her involve Rylee in one way or another.  Yesterday, I sat down on the couch next to her as she was holding Audrey and just watched in awe of my beautiful daughters.  Rylee looked up at me and said “Daddy, out of all the things that I have gotten since the new baby came, the baby is my favorite.”  This just melted my heart.  We had put a bag together full of new toys for each of our kids in celebration of the new addition to our family.

The real question, though, was how were the boys going to react to Audrey when she showed up.  Before she was born, Caleb was asked several times what he thought about the whole deal and his standard answer was “I don’t think about it.”  Kyler of course did not have much to say.

Since she has been home, Caleb has looked at Audrey from time to time, but is kind of pressing on with life knowing she is now a part of it.  Twice now he has asked to hold her, but for the most part he has kept to his usual stuff, baseball, monster trucks, digging in the yard, and throwing balls.

Kyler has probably felt the most change in his status.  He, of course, is no longer the baby and has done his best to demand a bit more attention.  Often this is seen in trying to be funny to get everyone to look at him.  He did this before (he is quite the comedian) but I feel like he has amped it up a bit.  Of course, this morning, he got Dad to himself by virtue of a 5:20 wake up.  Coffee anyone?  The most affection he gives to Audrey is a lick on the head.  I am not sure where he learned that one, maybe from Maggie…

I am anticipating both boys connecting on a deeper level with their  Daddy as Mom needs to spend time bonding with Audrey.  It will be an interesting journey as we watch these two little men grow up in this family of six.  Yesterday Karissa and I looked across the dinner table at each other and just took it in that we really did have a table for six.  We love it and look forward to watching each of these four children grow up learning to love God, love each other, and to serve others generously.