Just Heard Thursday

After an unusually long stretch of not one kid-free moment for me, I could feel my internal reserves running on fumes.  Usually I do a fair job of getting out, taking care of myself which I’ve come to find a non-luxury but an honest necessity in this stage of life I’m in with little kids, homeschooling, not working outside the home…

So last night around 9 I headed over to a friends’ home (her husband is out of town for the week) for a movie, popcorn and good wine.  It was just what I needed only I was left in charge of movie selection and I’m embarrassed to say that my choice was not the best.  We watched The Blind Truth-a smutty, low quality romantic comedy chock full of sexual innuendo.

At dinner tonight, I intimated to Chris that the movie had been fairly sub par.  He asked what it was about, to which I replied “It was about the ‘truth’ of what men really want.” He cracked a smile and instantly caught my drift.

But Rylee immediately responded exceedingly confident that she knew the answer:


We were undone.  I’m still laughing typing it.  I hope she thinks that all men want is coke for MANY years to come 🙂


Kyler (bursting in the door from the yard):  “Mom, I saw Mason’s peanut.  It’s huge.  And it’s a hairy peanut.”

Two things are important here:

  1. Mason is the dog who lives behind us
  2. Peanut is Kyler’s term for boy private parts

I hid behind the counter laughing.  Mainly because my mother was there and I wanted to act grown up enough not to bust a gut laughing at bathroom humor.  But really, I’m not grown up enough.  Yet.

Just Heard Thursday

It’s been a while!  I only have two little snippets to share today…

Caleb drew a  family picture, the first one he’s ever made.  And this is what it looked like:

Before he labeled all the people I asked who was who and he responded:

Well, you are in the middle of course Mama.  And you’re thick.  So that’s you.  And Daddy’s not so thick, he’s on your side.  I’m on your other side, see?  With my arm on your shoulder?  Uh oh…looks like I forgot to draw Kyler.  Here, we can squeeze him in here.


I’d like to say that it doesn’t bother me one tiny bit and I’m totally secure in who I am.  I’ve come a long ways from the borderline anorexic completely weight-obsessed 17 year old who needed counseling.  And I’m honestly more comfortable in my skin than I’ve been in my life but I still wouldn’t mind being less ‘thick’.

Being drawn by my 5 year old as ‘the thick one’ wasn’t probably a high point of my day and that’s the truth.

On a lighter note after having a sweet 20-something friend over last night for dinner to catch up on life with us, Rylee listened intently as our friend shared a completely enchanting love story that is unfolding in her life right now.

Today, after pondering all that she heard last night of love and romance and a very magical courtship Rylee had but one insightful question:

Why doesn’t Daddy do all that stuff that Heather’s friend does?

I answered as best as I could and tried to explain to a 6 year old that when you are dating, you work extra hard to make the other person feel special and you show your love to them in all kinds of ways.  I told her that when I was 16, Daddy baked me brownies with a special note actually cooked inside the brownie.  He brought me flowers all the time.  We hand wrote dozens of letters to each other.  We went out on dates together every weekend and talked until 3 in the morning just for fun.

I told her that when you get married and settle into life together, all the special things don’t usually happen quite so often and you get to show your love in different ways that are meaningful but not the same.

She was not impressed.  I’m pretty sure she thought all the sweetness that our friend had shared over dinner sounded much more wonderful.  Which is just fine for now.  But it was darling to watch her little mind try to process the whole thing.

Just Heard Thursday


(One day late) – it’s been a long week!

Audrey has decided it’s time to be done nursing.  It feels strange to have an almost 18 month old baby and to not be pregnant again.  By this time with all the others, we already were expecting another.  Somehow this week, Kyler became acutely aware of his sisters’ other food source (me) even though she hardly ever nurses anymore.


Kyler (forlorn, watching Audrey nurse):  “I wish I could be Audrey.  I wish I could snuggle an’ have what she’s havin’.  Yeah, I like mama so much.”

Kyler (again later, just staring at Mama):  “Yummy mama (sigh)”.


Caleb:  “Can we play that fun game?”

Mama (knows he means UNO which lasted a LONG hour yesterday):  “I just woke up, I’m not ready for that yet.”

Rylee:  “But I heard you get Audrey up early.”

Mama:  “Well I did, I got up two hours ago with her cause she was screaming her little head off.”

Caleb:  “Well then you lied to us.  You didn’t just wake up, you’ve been up a long time, you can play the game.”

Mama:  Okay, what I meant was, I’m still just waking up.  I haven’t woken up enough to play the game.

(I shuffle away sleepily)

Rylee:  “See Caleb, she can’t even make the right words yet.  She’s definitely not awake yet.”

Just Heard Thursday


Here are a few things that made us laugh this week (and one from July that I found and had forgotten to post)!

Kyler (to a toy phone):  “Yes, I do.”

Toy phone (again): “Do you want to be my friend?”

Kyler:  “Yes, I said yes.”

Toy phone:  “Do you want to be my friend?”

Kyler (exasperated, still holding the phone to his ear):  “Yes, I said YES already!”


Toy car:  “The Piston Cup is mine!”

Kyler:  “No its not.  It’s mine!”

Apparently he can argue with toys if no one else is around.


At the dinner table last night a discussion of muscles arose:

Caleb:  “Squeeze real hard Kyler, like this-then you can show your muscle.”

Rylee:  “If dad were here, he would show us his muscle and it would be like a giant, hard rock.  He’s so strong.”

Kyler:  “You have muscles mom?”


Rylee:   “Yeah, Princess Camp was pretty fun today.  Except this one girl named _____.  She made us call her  AngelCake.  She was really mean.  She kept hitting me with the streamer sticks we were playing with.  She kept going in time out.  She didn’t listen at all.  That was not so fun.”

Just Heard Thursday

We are about to start our school time today but really quick I wanted to share these before I forget, no time to find my husband’s nifty logo, maybe later!  These were things I heard this week that made me smile…

Mama:  “Kyler, please finish your waffles.”

Kyler:  “Can’t, puppies don’t eat waffles.”

(later this morning) Mama: “Please put some underwear on.”

Kyler:  “Puppies don’t wear underwear.”

(finding Kyler sucking a pacifier reserved for sleeping) Mama: “Kyler, puppies don’t suck binkies, take it out.”

Kyler:  {silence}

Feels good to beat them at their own game some days!


Yesterday heading to the city for a baseball game….

Rylee shouted:  “The Space Needle!!”

Kyler shouted back out of the blue:  “Darth Vader!!”


On the ferry to an island close by yesterday, a ferry worker heard Caleb talking back to his mama…

Ferry man (very good naturedly):  “Do I need to take you up to see the captain son?  You best not be givin’ your mama a hard time.  Know what?  Mama’s number one.  Who’s number one?  Mama.  Always number one.  See, she’s driving you all over today.  Bet she feeds you too.  When you’re a teenager and you stick to high heaven, no one else but your mama is gonna tell you to get your stick (deodrant) and use it.  Nope.  Only mama.   Number one.  You done giving her a hard time?  You gonna treat your mama right?  I hope so.

Number one.  Don’t forget it son.

Caleb hid his head at all the fuss but he was quite a polite little boy the rest of the day.


After getting scolded for being an aggresive driver by my husband yesterday (I simply didn’t want to share the carpool lane with a CHEATER) this conversation ensued:

Our young friend we brought with us said this:  “If it were my dad driving, he would honk his horn and flash his lights a lot.  Then he would follow real close.  Then he would back way off.  Then he would follow them home to their house…”

We laughed hysterically.  But I think she was serious.

Chris asked :  “What would Jesus do?”

Rylee:  “Probably not that.  Probably be patient and wait.”

Mama (sheepish):  “Probably.”

Kyler chiming in:  “But if Jesus was standing on the sidewalk.  He might get runned over by a car.  That be so sad.”

Just Heard Thursday – potty training edition


I’ll just warn you now – if bodily functions bother you, read no further.  But since Kyler, out of no where, decided to potty train these past two weeks just after his 3rd birthday (a full year earlier than his brother) I was shocked and delighted.

And up to my ears in bathroom trips, keeping the favorite undies clean, chocolate chip rewards and quotable quotes about going potty.

These are ALL from Kyler this week (all with shrieks of delight):

k toilet

“Oh my, look at dat one!  Dat how tall daddy is, so big!”

“Come look!!  This poo poo is fluffy!”

“Look!  I pooping out a snowman!  There is the head coming..”

“Get out of the way Mama, I’m gonna poop on your hand!”

“Wittle poo poo, wittle bit chocolate…..big poo poo, BIG CHOCOLATE!”

Just Heard Thursday


Caleb (seeing a picture of a pregnant woman):  “Is it dangerous?”

Me: “Is what dangerous?”

Caleb: “When your shirt explodes because there’s a baby in your tummy, is that dangerous?”


Caleb (holding a cigar that he had just found):  “What is this?”

Me:  “A cigar.”

Caleb (tossing it down):  “Oh my, is this daddy’s?  Did he blow this?”

Me:  “Yes and yes.”

Caleb:  “Uh oh.”


Mama:  “Please finish your cheese if you want anything else to eat.”

Caleb (with a big sigh):  “Okay, but you’ll just have to watch me blow up because I told you I was already filled to the top.”


Rylee (hands on hips):  “Okay.  Now she’s in the car seat.  She has a toy and a snack and some water.  If she fusses at all, even one tiny bit, call me.  I’ll be outside tending to the chickens on my motorcycle.  Okay?”

Mama (noting that she is talking about her baby, not a doll but-much to her complete delight-a real live, 1 year old, amiable, lovable baby sister who is happily playing ‘house’ without knowing it):  “Sounds good, I’m just working on bills here, I’ll get you if I hear a peep.  I’ve got it.”


While the kids were playing outside and I was inside, I heard this:

Rylee:  “Yup.  Kyler it looks like you’re a rooster.  We’re gonna have to sell you on Craigslist.”


Heard about 20 times this week from Kyler:  “Mom, no say good job Kyler, you say AWESOME Kyler, okay?”

I think I’ve got it now.  I am a little slow sometimes.

Just Heard Thursday


It’s Thursday again and we have been collecting some of the funny things we heard our kids say this week.  We would also love to read about what your kids are saying too.  We just get such a kick out of posts like these.  Here is some of what made us smile this week:


Caleb – “Mommy, how come I did not get to go with you when Audrey was born?”

Mama – “Well, you were a little too young.”

Caleb – Sigh.  “Next time can I PLEAASE come?”

Mama – “Sure.”


Caleb – “Mommy, when I was watching that movie (Homeward Bound), I almost cried.”

(As he is telling this to his mama, he begins to actually cry about how sad/happy the movie was)


Songs that Kyler makes up at bedtime…seriously people, he is the cutest kid at bedtime.

“I like my Dad…my awesome Dad…he my favorite guy…I like my Dad…”

“My mom is cool…I love my Mom…My mom is cool…I love my Mom…”

(all songs come with a similar beat and bobbing of the head)


Caleb – “My legs tell me to get out of bed because they want to play because they are not tired!”

Rylee – “My legs say stay in bed, we are sooo tired.”

Daddy – “Kyler, what do your legs say when they are in bed?”

Kyler – “My legs say go sleep with Mama.  Snuggle.”


Rylee – Daddy, guess what?

Daddy – “What?”

Rylee – “I am going to lose my tooth tonight!”

Daddy – (thinking this was just one more stall tactic before getting into bed)  “Great honey, now keep working on it and who knows, maybe it will come out tonight.”

20 minutes later after Audrey is already asleep in her room

Rylee – “See Daddy?” (as she quietly comes out of her dark room with a bloody mouth and something in her hand)

Daddy – “Well, I guess you were right.  Nice work, you lost your second tooth!”


Mama – “Kyler, did you try to have a popsicle last night?”

Kyler – “Yes.  I try but not get it open.  I try knife, I try tools, but I could not get it open.  Hrmmph…(followed by the classic Kyler furrowed brow look).”  Definitive proof that it WAS Kyler! As if we didn’t know:)



What have your kids been saying lately?  Leave some quotes in the comments below, or post them on your own blog (you can even use our logo and link back here).

Happy Thursday!

Just Heard Thursday – barely there edition


It’s Thursday again and we have been collecting some of the funny things we heard our kids say this week.  We would also love to read about what your kids are saying too.  We just get such a kick out of posts like these.  Here is some of what made us smile this week:

Okay, so we barely made it on Thursday and we barely have any quotes, but they are good ones I think.  At least they made me laugh!  So here goes:

Heard at the table:

Caleb:  “Hey Rylee, when I need to toot, this is what I do.  I lift up my legs off the chair and let it go free.  I like to let my toots go free.”


Rylee:  (while gardening with her mama in the back) “Mama, I love to garden with you.  I just love gardening so much.  Look out Kyler, I am using my utensil to work the soil.”

Mama:  “I love two things about that.  I love that you love to garden.  And I love that you say ‘utensil’ and ‘soil'”


A conversation while Caleb is in the tub:

Caleb:  “Hey Dad.”

Daddy:  (halting my walk down the hallway) “Yes?”

Caleb:  “Look right here.” (pointing down toward his lap…making me a bit nervous as to what kind of conversation we were about to have)

Daddy: “What?”

Caleb:  “Check this out.  Look right here (pointing again).”

Caleb:  “Did you see that!” (he exclaims immediately following a toot that he did on command creating a bubble that came up right where he was pointing).

Daddy: “Whoa…that is soo cool.  Nice one.”

Mama:  “Wow…farting on command at such a young age.”

Daddy:  “Yet another proud moment in our house!”


What have your kids been saying lately?  Leave some quotes in the comments below, or post them on your own blog (you can even use our logo if you link back here).

Happy Thursday!

Just Heard Thursday – Vomit edition

Not for the faint of heart, be warned.  And I don’t know how to upload my husband’s nifty little logo so you’ll have to live without that today.  Really, this is more of a synopsis that our usual list of ‘heard’ quotes from our entertaining little people…a couple nights ago, I was just getting in bed, Caleb had been asleep a long time and I thought Kyler had finally gone to sleep for the night and I heard this:

Kyler: “Caleb, (s)top doin’ dat to me.  CALEB, top it, top doin’ dat me now!!”

Me (running into the dark room):  “What’s wrong?  What’s going on? (I notice Caleb is sitting up) Caleb sweetie, why are you sitting up?  What did you do to Kyler?  He was almost asleep! Are you okay?”

Caleb: “I’m fine, I’m okay.”

A familiar smell wafts my direction and I quickly figure out he is not at all fine.  I climb up to his top bunk just in time for him to projectile vomit nearly in my lap all over his bed.  I now use my super sharp reasoning skills and determine that what Kyler was referring to a moment before was more like ‘something warm and wet is coming down the wall into my bottom bunk-oh my goodness this is disgusting there is wet stinky stuff pouring into my bed from above-I don’t know what’s happening here-my pillow is covered, what is my brother doing to me? I’d better holler even though she told me to be quiet and go to sleep‘.

I start yelling for Christopher to help, he was asleep on the couch so it took a minute for him to register that I needed him.  I try to wrap up the blankets but do a crummy job, as I hand them to Christopher, chunks of food fall all over the floor.  Kyler and Rylee are trying to watch at the door.  I’m in bed with Caleb trying to get his covered jammies off.  The smell is overwhelming.  Unique.  I’ve never seen so many chunks of food.  Big chunks.  I backtrack a bit to figure out what this all is.

Ivar’s has been my favorite fun quick place out for a long time.  I have loved it since I was a teenager.  We had spontaneously hopped down to Ivar’s that night for dinner with my parents to enjoy the last nice day this week.  Caleb inhaled 3 pieces of fish.  And fries.  And the oranges I brought.

Fish everywhere.  Completely recognizable fish pieces.  Down the wall.  In Kyler’s bed.  All the way onto the carpet.  This is beyond what Christopher can handle.  I think about this time he started doing the dishes in the kitchen.  I get Caleb in the bath and start picking up chunks.  I use a half a pack of baby wipes, about 40 of them no joke.  I have fish vomit in my fingernails.  Deep breaths trying not to hurl.

I make a bed on the floor for Caleb after the 30 minutes of chunk-removal-work in his room.  He is happy to go back to sleep now next to his bowl.

Now the real disaster.  I go to the family room where all the dirty linens are piled.  We have a fragile washer.  It does basic washing okay.  But not heavy duty.  Not chunks.  Not great with my (kids) cloth diapers.  Fish vomit I figure will completely do it in.  I ask Christopher for suggestions.  He says “You could take it all to the laundrymat tomorrow”.  I say, “Three busy kids, one puking kid,  in a laundrymat with 4 loads of fish puke blankets?  That is insane.”

It’s late and dark.  I drag the blankets outside and hang each one over the deck railing.  Two are loaded with chunks not compatible with my washer.  I decide my only option is to shake them out onto the grass.

Only…did I mention it’s dark?  I thought I had the worst one turned the right way (away from me) but I did not.  I shook with all my might and wet, sticky pieces of fish covered my chest, neck, shoulders, arms, face and hair.  There is no way to describe how gross that was.  I threw the blanket down and starting picking food off as quick as I could.  There were pieces in my hair I could not get out.  If I wasn’t sure before, I knew then that I was headed for the shower.

Still having a great deal of work to do on these blankets, my next idea was to get out the hose.  This proved a far better plan.  I turned it on high and (close to midnight now) sprayed the heck out of the blankets.  Chunks flew off (only this time not on me) and then I spray cleaned the deck as well.  Now they were ready for my washing machine.  Thank goodness.

The rest of the night Caleb quietly used the bowl I’d given him and he slept till morning.  I got up with Audrey 3 times and was able to get the laundry mostly through by morning.  Wonderful.

All this to say, I’m not sure I will ever be able to dine at Ivar’s again.  It will never be the same.